Knots at m/s

From knots to meters per second is very easy with our online converter. In case you didn't know, a knot is the unit used in the maritime sector to indicate the speed of navigation, so if you are not used to this terminology, you will surely like to know its correspondence in meters per second.

How many m/s is a knot?

One knot is equivalent to one nautical mile, i.e. 0.51 meters per second. Taking this into account, we have developed a converter from knots to meters per second to automate all calculations.

If you want to know how many km/h is a knot, you should know that 1 knot is equal to 1,852 kilometers per hour..

However, we will explain below how to go from meters per second to knots and vice versa.

How to go from knots to m/s

Knot to m/s converter

For convert from knots to meters per second you have to do the following multiplication:

speed (m/s) = knots x 0.514444

If you want to move from knots to kilometers per hourthen you must solve this other formula:

speed (km/h) = knots x 1.852

A mnemonic rule for remembering de esta última fórmula consiste en saber que un nudo equivale a "un ocho sin codos".

For example, how many km/h is 20 knots? We apply the above formula and we are left with the following:

20 x 1.852 = 37.04 kilometers per hour

Now that we know how to convert from knots to m/s, let's see how to do the reverse conversion.

How to convert meters per second to knots

For convert m/s into knots, you have to do the following mathematical operation:

speed (knots) = m/s x 1.94384

In case you want to convert kilometers per hour into knotsyou will use this other formula:

speed (knots) = km/h x 0.539957

For example, do youHow many knots is 100 km/h? Let's calculate it:

100 km/h x 0.539957 = 53.9957

In this case, the conversion is simple and can be done without a calculator because when multiplying by 100, we only had to move the decimal point two positions to the right.

Excel to go from knots to meters per second

Do you have Excel installed on your computer? Then you can create an converter from knots to meters per second and vice versa.

To do this, just type the following formula in an empty cell:


You only have to change the 20 by the number of knots you want to convert to m/s. In case you want to do the reverse conversion, that is, to convert from meters per second to knots, then the function to write will be this:


Again, you will have to replace the 10 with the number of meters per second you want to convert to knots.

Table of equivalence of Knots to m/s and Km/h

Below you have an equivalence table in which you can see different speeds expressed in knots converted to meters per second and kilometers per hour:


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