Kilos to ounces

We are not familiar with ounces, so sometimes the change from kilograms to this unit of weight is more complicated than we would like. Fortunately, we have developed for you a kilograms to ounces converter so that you can calculate the equivalence between these two weight units.

You only have to enter the amount of kilograms you want to convert to ounces and click on the calculate button to get the result that we will show you in ounces or if you prefer, broken down into the sum of pounds plus ounces. In case you want to make the inverse conversion, we also have a calculator for from ounces to kilograms.

How many ounces is a kilo

Kilos to ounces

If you do not know how many ounces is a kilothe following equality will solve this doubt:

1 kg = 35,27396195 oz

As we are not used to work with ounces and there are a lot of decimals involved in the equivalence between kilograms ounces, let's see how to go from kg to oz from a formula that facilitates the calculation. We will even learn how to perform the conversion with Excel.

How to convert Kilos to ounces

From the equivalence that we have seen in the previous point, we can obtain a formula to facilitate the conversion between these two weight units and shown below:

m(oz) = m(kg) / 0,02834952

By example,If we are going to convert 3 kg to ounces using the mathematical expression above, we are going to convert 3 kg to ounces using the mathematical expression above:

m(oz) = m(kg) / 0.02834952 = 3 Kg / 0.02834952 = 105.8219 oz.

How to convert kilograms to ounces in Excel

Create your own kilograms to ounces converter with Excel and the CONVERT function that allows us to obtain the equivalence between these two weight units automatically.

If you want to try convert kilograms to ounces using ExcelIf you want to use the following function, open a new spreadsheet and type the following function in a free cell:


From now on, the number of kilograms you type in cell C3 will be automatically converted to ounces, without you having to do any additional calculations. You can modify the coordinate to refer to any other cell on the sheet, or you can even type directly the number of kilograms you want to convert to ounces.

For example, imagine you want to spend 1 kilo to ounces. In this case, the formula could be written as follows:


Both forms will allow you to convert from kg to ounces with Excel.

Table of equivalence from kilograms to ounces

If you are frequently converting from kg to ounces, you may find this equivalence table useful, in which we have collected a wide range of examples ranging from 0 kg to 1,000 kg, so that you can have a much quicker reference to the equivalent weight in ounces or the set pounds plus ounces.

Kilograms (kg)Ounces (oz)Pounds + Ounces (lb+oz)
0 kg0 oz0 lb 0 oz
1 kg35.27 oz2 lb 3.27 oz
2 kg70.55 oz6 lb 6.55 oz
3 kg105.82 oz6 lb 9.82 oz
4 kg141.10 oz8 lb 13.10 oz
5 kg176.37 oz11 lb 0.37 oz
6 kg211.64 oz13 lb 3.64 oz
7 kg246.92 oz15 lb 6.92 oz
8 kg282.19 oz17 lb 10.19 oz
9 kg317.47 oz19 lb 13.47 oz
10 kg352.74 oz22 lb 0.74 oz
20 kg705.48 oz44 lb 1.48 oz
30 kg1058.22 oz66 lb 2.22 oz
40 kg1410.96 oz88 lb 2.96 oz
50 kg1763.70 oz110 lb 3.70 oz
60 kg2116.44 oz132 lb 4.44 oz
70 kg2469.18 oz154 lb 5.18 oz
80 kg2821.92 oz176 lb 5.92 oz
90 kg3174.66 oz198 lb 6.66 oz
100 kg2527.40 oz220 lb 7.40 oz
1000 kg35273.96 oz2204 lb 9.96 oz

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