Khz to hz

Convert Kilohertz into Hertz is very easy with our online calculator. Just enter the frequency value in khz that you want to convert to hz and click the calculate button.

Remember that if you wish, you can also use the tool as a Hz to Khz converter which will perform the inverse operation. Just select this operation in the conversion type and you are done.

How to convert from Khz to Hz

Khz to hz

For change from Kilohertz to Hertz you just have to know that 1 Khz = 1000 Hz, therefore, we have that:

f(Hz) = f(Khz) x 1000

As a practical example, we will switch to Hz the 3.2 kHz frequency:

f(Hz) = f(Khz) x 1000 = 3.2 Khz x 1000 = 3200 Hz

As you can see, the calculation is really simple and does not even require a calculator. Remember that in multiplications of 10x, we simply have to move the decimal point as many positions to the right as it has zeros. In the case of the example, as we are multiplying by 1,000 and it has three zeros, we have to move the comma three positions to the right.

With this simple trick, you will be able to from Khz to Hz practically immediately and without resorting to calculators. The only thing you have to remember is the equivalence between the two units to be able to deduct the operation to be performed in case you forget one day.

1 Khz to hz

We are going to see a very typical and basic example in which we will convert 1 Khz to hz applying the theory seen in the previous point.

To do this, we go to the formula that allows us to convert from kilohertz to Hertz and we obtain that:

f(Hz) = f(Khz) x 1000 = 1 Khz x 1000 = 1000 Hz

This solution was expected since the prefix kilo is equivalent to multiplying by 10.3

How to go from Hz to Khz

Hz to Khz

To convert a given frequency from Hertz to Kilohertz, you only need to know that:

  • 1 Hz = 0.001 Khz

Or you can also see it in this other way in which we show you how many hz is one khz:

  • 1 Khz = 1,000 Hz

From here, you can change from Hertz to Kilohertzs by applying the following mathematical formula:

f(kHz) = f(Hz) / 1000

Like practical example, imagine you want to know how many kilohertz 400 Hertz is equivalent to. In this case, we have:

f(kHz) = f(Hz) / 1000 = 400 Hz / 1000 = 0.4 Khz

If you want to save some time when calculating the equivalence between Hertz and kilohertz, you simply have to move the decimal point three positions to the left to obtain the result. It is a trick that they teach us in the school to make multiplications or divisions by factors of 10 and it is completely valid for this case in which we have to divide by 1,000.

Khz to Hz equivalence table

Although you can use our calculator or the mathematical formula above, here is a small table so that you can quickly see the equivalence between some values of Khz converted to Hz.

Kilohertz (kHz)Hertz (Hz)
0 kHz0 Hz
0.001 kHz1 Hz
0.01 kHz10 Hz
0.1 kHz100 Hz
1 kHz1000 Hz
10 kHz10000 Hz
100 kHz100000 Hz
1000 kHz1000000 Hz

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