Kelvin to Fahrenheit

Our Kelvin to Fahrenheit converter will help you to obtain the equivalence between both temperature units. Just enter the number of ºK you want to convert to ºF and click on the calculate button to obtain the result.

If what you want is to perform the reverse conversion, we also have for you the calculator to change degrees Fahrenheit to Kelvin.

How many Fahrenheit is one Kelvin?

Kelvin to Fahrenheit

If you want to know how many degrees Fahrenheit is one Kelvin, the following equality will take the guesswork out of it:

1 ºK = -457.87 ºF

If you want to know the conversion formula to convert from Kelvin to Fahrenheit, you will find this information in the next point.

Formula to convert from Kelvin to Fahrenheit

If you want to know the formula for convert degrees Kelvin to FahrenheitIf you have to apply the following mathematical operation, you simply have to apply the following mathematical operation:

T(°F) = T(K) × 9/5 - 459.67

For example, imagine that we want to know how many degrees Fahrenheit is 300 degrees Kelvin. In this case, we have to apply the formula in this way:

T(°F) = 300K × 9/5 - 459,67 = 80,33 °F

Convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit with Excel

If you want to avoid using the K to F degree formula and use Excel for convert from degrees Kelvin to Fahrenheit automatically, you can use the following function that will automatically do the conversion:


Placing that formula in an empty cell, the temperature in degrees Kelvin you type in cell C3 will be automatically passed on to degrees FahrenheitThis can be seen in the video above these lines, in which we show several examples of how it is done.

Another option is to directly write the number of degrees Kelvin you want to convert to Fahrenheit. For example, we will calculate how many Kelvin is 72 Fahrenheit with Excel:


These are two valid ways of doing the Kelvin to Fahrenheit conversion but with the first method, you can build your own K to F converter in Excel and use it whenever you need it, even without an Internet connection.

Kelvin to Fahrenheit Equivalency Chart

Print this table with the transformation of degrees Kelvin to Fahrenheit for a quick reference of the equivalence between the two temperature units.

Kelvin (K)Fahrenheit (°F)
0 K-459.67 °F
10 K-441.67 °F
20 K-423.67 °F
30 K-405.67 °F
40 K-387.67 °F
50 K369.67 °F
60 K-351.67 °F
70 K-333.67 °F
80 K-315.67 °F
90 K-297.67 °F
100 K-279.67 °F
110 K-261.67 °F
120 K-243.67 °F
130 K-225.67 °F
140 K-207.67 °F
150 K-189.67 °F
160 K-171.67 °F
170 K-153.67 °F
180 K-135.67 °F
190 K-117.67 °F
200 K-99.67 °F
210 K-81.67 °F
220 K-63.67 °F
230 K-45.67 °F
240 K-27.67 °F
250 K-9.67 °F
260 K8.33 °F
270 K26.33 °F
280 K44.33 °F
290 K62.33 °F
300 K80.33 °F
400 K260.33 °F
500 K440.33 °F
600 K620.33 °F
700 K800.33 °F
800 K980.33 °F
900 K1160.33 °F
1000 K1340.33 °F

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