Irreducible fraction calculator

Do you want to calculate an irreducible fraction? With our online calculator you will be able to get it in the easiest way possible and without manual calculations. Simply enter the value of the numerator, denominator and press the calculate button.

You will automatically obtain not only the irreducible fraction, but you will also be able to see different representations of its value.

How the irreducible fractions calculator works

Our irreducible fractions calculator works very simply and is compatible with mixed fractions (1 2/3) or with simple fractions (5/3). Notice that the fraction that we have put in parentheses for each example are exactly the same but expressed in a different way.

Regardless of whether you want to simplify a fraction simple or mixed, type the numerator and denominator data in the calculator, press the calculate button and you will get the simplified fraction automatically, explained step by step.

In addition, we provide you with other data that may be of interest to you, such as the value of the greatest common divisor or the representation of the simplified fraction in decimal or percentage format.

What is an irreducible fraction?

When we talk about irreducible fraction, we are saying that we are talking about a fraction that cannot be simplified any more. This means that the numerator and denominator no longer have any factors in common, preventing their simplification to a greater degree.

For example, the fraction 2/7 is irreducible because the numerator and denominator have no common factor.

How to know if a fraction is irreducible or not?

Irreducible fraction calculator

To check if a fraction can be further reduced, you have to do the following find the greatest common divisor of the numerator or denominator and if it is different from 1, proceed with the division of both terms by the DCM obtained.

For example, if we have the fraction 3/9, we see that the greatest common divisor of both numbers is 3. This means that both can be divided by it, helping to simplify the fraction to 1/3.

If we try to simplify it further, we will see that the greatest common divisor of the numerator and denominator is 1 and, therefore, it is no longer possible to make it smaller. At this point we have obtained the irreducible fraction we were looking for.

Let's take a look at some examples:

Irreducible fraction of 6/22

In this case, the greatest common denominator of the numerator and denominator is 2, so we are going to divide both by that amount to obtain the irreducible fraction of 6/22:

6/22 = 3/11

At this point we can no longer simplify because 3 is a prime number and so is 11, therefore, do not share any DCM.

Irreducible fraction of 17/23

Another typical example of irreducible fraction exercise in elementary school consists of calculating the one that corresponds to 17/23.

This is a confusing exercise because both 17 and 23 are large numbers but both are primes, so the fraction cannot be further reduced.

Irreducible fraction of a decimal number

Yes you are given a decimal number and asked to calculate its irreducible fractionthe first thing you should do is change from decimal to fraction. If you do not know how to do it, click on the link we have just left and we will explain how to do it.

If you have been given a periodic decimal numberIf you do not have enough decimals, you will have to write as many decimals as possible so that the numerator and denominator are large enough and you do not drag rounding errors.

How to calculate irreducible fraction in Excel

Excel allows you to calculate the irreducible fraction automatically and very easily.

Para empezar, abre una nueva hoja de cálculo, colócate en una celda vacía y accede a la opción de "formato de celdas".

Calculate irreducible fraction in Excel

In the Category menu, selecciona la opción de "Fracción" y escoge un tipo de "hasta tres dígitos". A continuación acepta todas las opciones que has seleccionado para aplicar los cambios.

Now if in that cell you type a fraction such as 4/8, Excel automatically will calculate the irreducible fraction and it will show 1/2. Also, if the numerator is greater than the denominator, Excel will try to give you the irreducible mixed fraction.

Simplifying fractions with the scientific calculator

Irreducible fraction calculator

Do you have a relatively modern Casio scientific calculator handy? If so, locate the S↔D key that we point out to you in the image above. Once you have it, we're going to show you. how to simplify fractions with the calculator in a simple way.

For example, if you want to calculate the irreducible fraction of 3/6, type the division into the calculator normally and press the equal (=) key to solve the operation. If everything went well, the result you will get on the display will be 0.5 but if you press the S↔D key, change the format to fraction and now 1/2 will appear, which is the irreducible fraction.

In the case that the fraction that appears on the screen is equal to the initial one, it means that it was already the irreducible one.

Other operations with fractions

If once you already have the irreducible fraction you want to apply any other type of operation, we have at your disposal a fraction calculator with which you will be able to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other conversions and calculations that will allow you to work more comfortably.

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