Inches to meters

Change from inches to meters es tan fácil como introducir la distancia en pulgadas (en inglés conocido como 'inches') y presionar el botón de calcular de nuestro conversor. Automáticamente obtendrás la equivalencia en metros para que trabajes con nuestro sistema de unidades y al cual estamos acostumbrados para manejar unidades de longitud.

If you want to perform the reverse conversion, ie, from meters to inchesYou can access this converter by clicking on the link above.

How many meters is one inch

If we are not very clear about how many meters is one inchhere you will find the answer.

1 inch = 0.0254 meters

In the following section we will see how we can from inches to meters from this equivalence and a simple multiplication.

How to convert from inches to meters

Inches to meters

If you need to go from inches to meters, it may be worth it. how one unit is converted into another. In this case, simply apply the following mathematical formula:

d(m) = d(″) × 0.0254

This means that to calculate the equivalent distance in meters, we have to multiply the length in inches by 0.0254. From this we can easily deduce that 1 inch is equal to 0,0254 meters as we have seen in the previous point.

For example, imagine you want to convert 10 inches to meters. Applying the above formula, we have that:

d(m) = 10″ × 0.0254 = 0.254 meters

Convert inches to meters in Excel

With Excel you can create your own inch-to-meter converter in a matter of seconds, in the video above you can see how we have done it. Just open the Microsoft program and type the following formula in a free cell:


Through the above command, we are causing Excel to convert from inches to meters the amount that we write in cell C3, coordinates that we can change without problems to adapt them to our needs and thus be able to use any other cell. Even if we prefer, we can write directly the amount of inches that you want to pass to meters as in the following example:


In this case, instead of targeting a cell, we are causing Excel to pass 2.5 inches to meters. It is another way to perform the conversion and achieve the same result.

Table of equivalence of inches to meters

If you want to have a more graphical reference for different distances in inches, you will find below our table of equivalence between inches and meters so that you know the correspondence between the most typical measurements:

Inches (")Meters (m)
0.01 ″0.000254 m
0.1 ″0.00254 m
1 ″0.0254 m
2 ″0.0508 m
3 ″0.0762 m
4 ″0.1016 m
5 ″0.1270 m
6 ″0.1524 m
7 ″0.1778 m
8 ″0.2032 m
9 ″0.2286 m
10 ″ 0.2540 m
20 ″0.5080 m
30 ″0.7620 m
40 ″1.0160 m
50 ″1.2700 m
60 ″1.5240 m
70 ″1.7780 m
80 ″2.0320 m
90 ″2.2860 m
100 ″2.5400 m

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