Inches to centimeters

Interested in from inches to centimeters? Below you will find a calculator that will allow you to make this conversion online without any calculation. You just have to select the conversion of Inches to cm or the other way around if you wish, enter the length figure and click on the calculate button.

If what you need is to move from centimeters to inchesIn addition, we also have a dedicated converter to perform the reverse operation.

How many centimeters is an inch?

Inch to centimeter converter

Don't you know how many centimeters is an inch? Below you will find the answer to your questions:

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

This equality will help us to learn how to go from centimeters to inches in the following point using a very simple mathematical formula.

How to convert from inches to centimeters

Now that we know how many centimeters an inch is, we can deduce a simple mathematical formula that allows us to go from cm to inches:

d(cm) = d(") x 2,54

What we are doing in this formula is multiplying each inch by its equivalence in centimeters that we have seen in the previous point. Let's see it with a practical example.

7 inches to centimeters

If we want to convert 7 inches to centimeters from the formula we have seen, we have to:

d(cm) = d(") x 2.54 = 7 inches x 2.54 = 17.78 centimeters

As can be seen, it is not very difficult, since we just have to do a simple multiplication for convert inches to centimeters. If you want to save it, you can use our online converter or create your own with Excel.

Inch to cm converter in Excel

As we have already said, with Excel you can make a inch to cm converter to work with it from your computer whenever you need it, without the need for Internet or operations.

All you have to do is open a new spreadsheet and type the following Excel function in an empty cell:


With this expression, Excel will convert the length in inches to centimeters you write in cell C3 but if you want to use another one, you only have to modify the coordinates we have used in our example and put the one you want.

Even if you prefer, you can type directly into the formula the number of inches you want to convert to centimeters. For example, if you want to convert 8 inches to centimetersyou could put the expression in this form:


Table of Inches to Centimeters equivalences


Remember that if you want to work in international system unitsyou have at your disposal a complete length unit converter that will make any calculation easier for you.

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