Hz to radians per second

The frequency in Hertz is closely related to the angular frequency through the formula ω = 2πf, so we make it easy for you to make this calculation and we offer you a hz to radians per second converter that will save you a lot of time.

Just enter the frequency in Hertz, press the calculate button and you will automatically get the angular frequency in radians per second. In case you want to perform the inverse conversion, the tool also does the function of radians per second to hertz converter.

How to convert from Hz to radians per second

Hz to radians per second

To transform a frequency eh Hertz to rad/sIn the case of a company, the mathematical formula I mentioned at the beginning must be applied:

ω(rad/s) = 2πf(Hz)

For example, imagine that we want to pass 300 hz at rad/s. According to the previous operation, we have that:

ω(rad/s) = 2π x 300 hz = 1884.956 radians per second

The process of conversion from hz to radians per second is not complicated at all. The key point is to remember the formula that relates both frequency units in order to be able to switch from one to the other easily.

Convert hz to rad/s in Excel

If you want to convert hz to rad/s in Excel, you should know that there is no specific function to do it, so we are going to elaborate a formula from the theory seen in the previous point.

To do this, create a new spreadsheet and write the following function in an empty cell:


La letra 'f' la tendrás que sustituir por la frecuencia en hertzios que quieres convertir a radianes por segundo. Por ejemplo, si quieres convert 60 hz to rad/s then the formula in Excel will be written like this:


The method is quite simple and will help you in case you are unable to use our online frequency converter.

How to convert from rad/s to Hz

Radians per second at hz

Going from rad/s to Hz requires that we know the formula for the conversion. Before we find out what it is, it may be interesting to know the equivalence between 1 Hz converted to radians per second:

1 Hz = 2π rad/s = 6.2831853 rad/s

From the above expression, we can deduce that the formula to be used to convert radians per second to hertz is as follows:

f(Hz) = ω(rad/s) / 2π

By example,, we are going to change the angular frequency from 300 radians per second to Hz:

f(Hz) =ω(rad/s) / 2π = 300 rad/s / 2π = 47.75 Hz

How to convert rad/s to Hz in Excel

If you want to work with the conversion from radians per second to Hz from Excel, the formula to be used in this case is as follows:


For example, if you want to convert 100 rad/s to hertz, the formula to write in Excel will be this:


Table of equivalence of Hz to radians per second

As in the transformation from Hz to rad/s the symbol PI is involved, it is not easy to have a mental reference of the equivalence between both units, so we offer you a table with some of the main conversions from Hertz to radians per second that you can print out and carry with you at all times:

Hertz (Hz)Radians per second (rad/s)
0 Hz0 rad/s
1 Hz6.28 rad/s
2 Hz12.57 rad/s
3 Hz18.85 rad/s
4 Hz25.13 rad/s
5 Hz31.42 rad/s
6 Hz37.70 rad/s
7 Hz43.98 rad/s
8 Hz50.27 rad/s
9 Hz56.55 rad/s
10 Hz62.83 rad/s
20 Hz125.66 rad/s
30 Hz188.50 rad/s
40 Hz251.33 rad/s
50 Hz314.16 rad/s
60 Hz376.99 rad/s
70 Hz439.82 rad/s
80 Hz502.65 rad/s
90 Hz565.49 rad/s
100 Hz628.32 rad/s
200 Hz1256.64 rad/s
300 Hz1884.96 rad/s
400 Hz2513.27 rad/s
500 Hz3141.59 rad/s
600 Hz3769.91 rad/s
700 Hz4398.23 rad/s
800 Hz5026.55 rad/s
900 Hz5654.87 rad/s
1000 Hz6283.19 rad/s
2000 Hz12566.37 rad/s
3000 Hz18849.56 rad/s
4000 Hz25132.74 rad/s
5000 Hz31415.93 rad/s
6000 Hz37699.11 rad/s
7000 Hz43982.30 rad/s
8000 Hz50265.48 rad/s
9000 Hz56548.67 rad/s
10000 Hz62831.85 rad/s

Rad/s to Hertz equivalence table

Finally, we have compiled a small table of equivalence of angular frequencies passed to hertz,so you will be able to see in a more approximate way how it affects the changeover from one unit to another:

Radians per second (rad/s)Hertz (Hz)
0 rad/s0 Hz
1 rad/s0.1592 Hz
2 rad/s0.3183 Hz
3 rad/s0.4775 Hz
4 rad/s0.6366 Hz
5 rad/s0.7958 Hz
6 rad/s0.9549 Hz
7 rad/s1.1141 Hz
8 rad/s1.2732 Hz
9 rad/s1.4324 Hz
10 rad/s1.5915 Hz
20 rad/s3.1831 Hz
30 rad/s4.7746 Hz
40 rad/s6.3662 Hz
50 rad/s7.9577 Hz
60rad/s9.5493 Hz
70rad/s11.1408 Hz
80rad/s12.7324 Hz
90rad/s14.3239 Hz
100rad/s15.9155 Hz
200rad/s31.8310 Hz
300rad/s47.7465 Hz
400rad/s63.6620 Hz
500rad/s79.5775 Hz
600rad/s95.493 Hz
700rad/s111.4085 Hz
800rad/s127.3240 Hz
900rad/s143.2394 Hz
1000rad/s159.1549 Hz

If you have any questions about how to convert from hz to radians per secondor from rad/s to hz, leave us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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  1. hello, I really don't understand why multiplying 2π x 300 hz and if one hz is equivalent to 6.28 rad/s how do you get the answer? thanks

  2. Hello Brandon,

    Can you specify your doubt a little more? Have you noticed that 6.28 rad/s is exactly 2π?

    If you can tell us what questions you have when changing from hz to radians per second we can help you in a better way.



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