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Sometimes the power of a car can be expressed in horsepower, also known as HP or Horse Power. This unit differs slightly from the usual horsepower (hp) that we use more frequently, so with our HP to CV calculator you will be able to obtain the equivalence between both units.

How much is one HP equivalent in hp?

As mentioned above, the difference between HP and CV is minimal but there is as you can see below:

  • 1 hp is equal to 0.9863 HP
  • 1 HP equals 1.0138 hp

How to switch from HP to CV?

From the above equivalence we can make a mathematical formula that allows us to go from horsepower (HP) to horsepower (CV) with a simple multiplication as follows:

HP = HP x 1.0138

For example, if you see a used car offered with a power of 120 HP, that vehicle has 121.656 hp.

How to switch from CV to HP?

In the same way, we can also make the inverse conversion by applying this multiplication:

HP = CV x 0.9863

As you can see, calculating the equivalence between these two power units is very easy if you know the number you have to multiply by to make the conversion.

If you don't remember it, you can use our calculator or remember that there is very little difference between the twoTherefore, except for very large powers (thousands of hp), the error that we will drag will be quite low.

Equivalent HP hp

To give you a more global view of the equivalence between HP and hpIn order to help you convert horsepower to horsepower and vice versa, we have prepared a table that will serve as a reference for you.


What is the difference between HP and CV?

HP to hp converter

The term Horsepower or Horsepower (HP) is a measure of power that originated in England. 

When the Decimal Metric System emerged, an alternative to horsepower was sought, and that is how the steam horse (CV) was born.

As you have seen, their equivalence is very similar, although a HP is slightly higher since, as we have seen before, 1 horsepower is equivalent to 1.0138 horsepower.

In the end, this has led to depending on where the engine is manufactured, its power is indicated in one unit or another. The English use horsepower while in other European countries they refer to steam horsepower.

In order to avoid confusion, countries that have adopted the International System of Units have sought the standardization on the kW as a unit of power. If you want more information about the equivalences, we leave you with the corresponding converters below:

It is clear that with so many power units in the end only creates confusion among users, so if you have any doubts about the equivalence between them or you are still not clear what is the power of your engine, write us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

10 thoughts on “HP a CV”

  1. Hello I am new in this sector I had a ford focus tdci 136cv and I had to change the plates in france in the grey card it says 8hp.
    I think it's wrong I think it's 7hp not 8hp

    Thank you

    • Hello Yolanda,

      If your old car had 136hp, it is impossible that in the file that you have done in France it has 7HP. It should indicate 134 HP approximately.

      Keep in mind that they are practically identical units, so there can't be such a big difference between your Spanish and French file. Something is wrong there.

      Best regards!

  2. Good morning my name is Julio and I have a 1/2 hp three phase motor and I want to make it work monophonic I need to calculate the capacitor capacity but the formula is given to me in cv I'm confused

  3. hello buy a HONDA CRW 2017 pickup truck in Peru and the card indicates 88 hp (horsepower), how many HP corresponds to that measure.
    The distributor (seller of the SUV) offers the truck indicating as power 115 HP.
    According to the seller 88 hp equals 115 HP, is it true?

    • Hello Cesar,

      I'm afraid that's not true. If your truck has 88hp, that equals 86,794 HP.

      115 HP would be equivalent to 116,587 hp.


    • Hello José,

      Define what you consider to be a better run. Does it accelerate more? Does it have more top end? Does it recover better? What is the difference in weight between the two vehicles?

      If you give us data from the two cars we can investigate why, although a priori, it is very strange that having such a difference in power, the 136HP runs more in general lines.


  4. Hello Cesar.
    Regarding your truck, those 88hp could be 88Kw (kilowatts), in that case it would be approximate but not exact.
    88Kw = 119.66hp = 118.00hp
    85Kw = 115.58hp = 113.98hp

    • Hello Cristian,

      There is no equivalence of hp to fiscal horsepower since variables that have nothing to do with engine power are involved. Here we explain it in detail:


      We hope it has been helpful.


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