Calculate radiator power

Radiator power

With the cold weather comes the season to turn on the heating and depending on the type of housing, we may have to resort to electric radiators to heat our house and rooms. To help you choose the radiator power you need, below you will find a calculator that will give you the result based on the type of insulation of the house, the square meters, the climate and the room.

Keep in mind that the radiator power value shown by the calculator will be the minimum you need to avoid getting cold.

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Mortgage simulator

Mortgage simulator

Are you looking for a mortgage simulator? Here is one that will help you see how your mortgage will evolve until you pay off your house.

In order for the mortgage simulator data to be as accurate as possible, et is imperative that you enter the requested information as accurately as possible, otherwise the mortgage calculation may vary from reality.

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Calculate Air Conditioner cooling capacity

Air conditioning cooling calculator

Are you thinking about buy an Air Conditioner for your home or office? If so, pay close attention to the cooling value of the product because if you choose one of inadequate power for the size of the room, you will not get the cooling effect you are looking for or you will be forced to leave it permanently on, with the consequent expense in electricity consumption that this entails.

For to know the number of frigories that the air conditioner should have we are going to buy, we must first calculate the size of the room in which it is going to be placed. To do this, we will measure the width, length and height of the room and enter the values in meters into our calculator frigorías:

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LED vs halogen savings calculator

LED Savings Calculator

If you are thinking about switch to LED lightingIf you are making numbers to see if it is worth the outlay to replace the halogen bulbs in your home with this technology that, in addition to illuminate in a similar way, will allow us to save on our electricity bill month after month. The time it takes to amortize the price of an LED bulb depends on factors such as the time that the bulb is on and the price of KWh of the electricity tariff we have contracted, with these data we can already know the energy savings and money we will have month to month.

Below is a calculator that will allow you to calculate the money you will save every month if you make the leap to LED and the LED halogen equivalent that you should buy if you want to replace the ones you have with ones that offer a similar light intensity.

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Electricity consumption calculator

Electricity consumption calculator

If you want to calculate electricity consumption of an appliance in your home, you can use our online calculator to find out how much it costs you to keep that home appliance, console, computer or device of your choice turned on.

For calculate the consumption of an electrical device You only have to know its power consumption in Watts (it usually comes on its power transformer or on a sticker that you can find on its housing, power cable, etc.), the time it is on per day and the price of KWh based on the electricity tariff you have contracted.

For your reference, in January 2016 the cost per kWh was 0.073173 €.. You can use it to get a rough estimate even though the actual figures may have changed somewhat. If you want, you can check the real time kWh price here and use it in our calculator.

Knowing this data of the consumption of an electrical appliance, you will automatically obtain the money you spend per day or per month, so you can assess whether it is worth using it for less time or buying one with greater energy efficiency.

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