Hexadecimal to binary

Converts from hexadecimal to binary with ease thanks to our online converter. Remember that the hexadecimal system works with the range of symbols from 0 to 9 and then uses the first letters of the alphabet (range A-F) for the rest of the symbols that are missing until reaching the 16 that are used.

Transforming a hexadecimal to binary code you will go from working in base 16 to base 2 (zeros and ones). If you wish, we also have at your disposal the binary to hexadecimal converter to perform the reverse operation.

How to convert from hexadecimal to binary

Going from hexadecimal to binary is very easy as it is a system that has been designed to represent information in binary but in a shorter string.

This means that the only thing you need to know to convert from HEX to BIN is the equivalence between the symbols of the two systemssomething that you can consult in this table.

To show you that this is all you need, let's convert the hexadecimal string F23 to binary:

Hexadecimal F 2 3
Binary 1111 0010 0011

We group all the terms and we have that F23 in hexadecimal is equal to 111100100011 in binary.

Easy, isn't it? In a nutshell, convert hexadecimal symbols to binary one by one and group them together.

How to convert from hexadecimal to binary in Excel

If you have Excel installed on your computer, you can convert from hexadecimal to binary very easily by making use of one of the functions included in Microsoft's spreadsheet program. If you want to know how to do it, open a new sheet and in an empty cell type the following formula:


As you can see, the Excel HEX to BIN function has two input parameters:

  • Binaryis the binary number that you want to convert to hexadecimal. Here you can either type the number directly into the formula or refer to another cell in the spreadsheet that contains the number in base 2.
  • Figuresis the number of digits with which you want the result. That is, zero in hexadecimal is 0 but if you want the result with four digits, you will get 0000. You should know that this parameter can be omitted and Excel will do the conversion with the minimum possible length.

For example if you want to convert the symbol F1 from hexadecimal to binary, you have to write the formula in Excel as follows:


What you should keep in mind is that Excel limits the hexadecimal number to 10 characters maximumone for the sign and the remaining nine for the argument.

Hexadecimal to binary table

Hexadecimal to binary converter

Below we have put together a conversion table in which you can see the equivalence of all the symbols of the hexadecimal system in binaryYou can print it if you are going to use it frequently:


Hexadecimal to binary calculator

Hexadecimal to Binary Calculator

Did you know that with some scientific calculators you can switch from hexadecimal to binary? Casio, for example, has been offering this function on its models for quite a few years now, so let's learn how to use it.

Lo primero que tenemos que hacer es cambiar el modo de funcionamiento de la calculadora para que acepte números en base hexadecimal. Para ello, pulsamos la tecla que en su parte superior tiene escrito "MENU CONFIG" o "MODE SETUP". Dependiendo del modelo de calculadora que tengas te aparecerá de una forma u otra.

A continuación te saldrán varias opciones en la pantalla. Tienes que localizar y seleccionar la que pone "Base-N".

Once the above has been done, pulsa la tecla que pone "HEX" in its upper part. In the case of the calculator in the picture, you can see it in the last row of keys. Then type the hexadecimal number and press the = key to confirm.

Finally, pulsa el botón que pone "BIN" (same row as the HEX key) and the calculator will automatically convert the hexadecimal number you typed to binary.

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