Fortnite Calculator

Fortnite Calculator

Are you tired of the storms in Fortnite? With the following calculator you will be able to calculate the time it takes you to get to different points on the map depending on the route you choose. You can go from one point to another or select multiple markers to see the distance between them and know the total time it will take you to get there.

Having this tool for Fortnite at hand will allow you to. choose your strategy in the game much better and prevent this weather phenomenon from catching you unawares.

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Which horoscope am I

Calculate zodiac

We may sometimes not remember our horoscope or you may want to know your zodiac sign of another person. For that, we have created the following calculator that will tell you your sign just by entering the day and month in which you were born (you don't need to know the year, although you can enter it but it doesn't influence the calculation)

When you have completed the above data, click on the calculate button and you will automatically know your zodiac sign.

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Morse translator

Morse code translator

Do you need a online morse translator? With our tool you will be able to convert a text to Morse code immediately, which is especially useful if you want to encode a message in this language based on the representation of lines and dots.

The operation of the morse code translator is very simple. You only have to type a word or phrase you want to translate, press the button to make the conversion and that's it. On the screen you will see the equivalence in Morse code and a detailed explanation that will show you character by character how it has been done.

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Paper sizes

Paper Size Calculator

Do you have to calculate paper size? Here you will find a calculator that will allow you to know the measurements of the main papers (Series A, Series B and Series C) in different units (meters, cm, mm, inches and more).

You don't have to look any further what is the size of an A4, A3, A5 or any other paper. We provide you with the dimensions of the papers that are defined in the ISO 216 standard and the DIN 476 standard in which the standard paper dimensions are specified.

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Calculate NIE letter

Do you need calculate the letter of the NIE or Número de Identidad de Extranjeros? With our calculator you can obtain the sequence of this identifier or check if the one you have is correct, something especially useful when filling out forms and official documents that ask for the full NIE.

Simply fill in the first sequence of the NIE and press the calculate button to obtain the letter. Remember that the NIE is composed of an initial letter (X, Y or Z) and seven digits.

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Social security number

Social security number

Do you know if the social security number Is it correct? With our tool you can calculate the control digits of your affiliation number, i.e. by entering the first 10 digits of your social security number we will calculate the remaining digits.

If the check digits match those of the social security number you have, then it is valid. Otherwise, you will need to look on your health card for the correct number.

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Pokemon Go Calculator

Pokémon Go Calculator

Want to know what fighting power your Pokemon will have after evolving? With our Pokemon GO calculator you will be able to know the PC (or CP if you play in English) of your pokemon after evolving it to improve its capabilities.

Simply find your Pokemon in the list in the calculator, enter its current combat power and after pressing the Evolve button, you will know the name of the new creature and the new PC based on its multiplier.

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Lorem Ipsum Dummy Text Generator

Dummy text generator

Do you need generate a sample text to test in Word, in your web page or in some section related to the design of something to see how it looks like? In this case we have for you a Lorem Ipsum generator, a filler text that will come in handy for these cases.

Just select the number of paragraphs, words or characters you want for your dummy text and you're done, will automatically generate the Lorem Ipsum according to your preferences.

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Calculate age of a dog

Calculate age of a dog

Do you have a dog and you want to know its age in human years? With our calculator you can find out by simply entering the number of years you currently have to live.

The operation of the dog age calculator is very simple. On one side you have the box to enter the number of years and another one that will allow you to write the months of the animal. When you have it, press the calculate button and you will instantly know the age of your faithful friend in people age.

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Love calculator

Online Love Calculator

Are you in love with someone and want to know if you are compatible? Our love calculator will solve this question by simply entering your name and the name of the other person you like.

When you have typed the names, click on the calculate compatibility and you will automatically know if the other person is your better half or not.

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Word and character counter

Word and character counter

Use our character and word counter for your tweets on Twitter, for your blog SEO fields or any other task where you need to know the number of words or characters you have written in a text.

If you don't have a text editor such as Microsoft Word installed for find out the number of characters or words that a document has, you can use our tool. You just have to type or paste the text you want to know its length and, automatically, it will show you the number of letters and terms that are written.

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Choosing a bicycle helmet size

Bicycle helmet size calculator

Bicycle helmet

Do you plan to buying a bicycle helmet and you don't know what size to choose? Don't worry, we will try to help you choose the bike helmet that best protects your head in case of a fall.

To do this, you only have to take measurement of the contour of your skull from the widest part, i.e. the part of the forehead. From the obtained contour, you can know the size of helmet that corresponds to you taking into account the following table:

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Calculate liters of a rectangular pool

Swimming Pool Liters Calculator

The good weather is coming and you want to start using your pool? Surely you do, that's why we help you to calculate the liters of a rectangular pool in a simple and automatic way.

What do you want to know the liters of a pool? Mainly because a series of chemical products have to be applied to the water and it is necessary to know the proportion in which they have to be applied, therefore, we need to know the number of liters that our pool is able to accumulate, whether it is rectangular, oval or round.

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Spain country codes

Know call prefix

Do you want to know which city corresponds to a Spain area code? Thanks to our online calculator, you will be able to know to which city in our country is assigned this telephone prefix.

For to know the city of the area code of SpainSimply enter its digits in our online utility and click on the calculate button, and you will immediately obtain the name of the province to which it belongs.

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Thermal sensation

Calculate wind chill

Calculate wind chill is especially useful for testing our body's reaction to certain environmental conditions such as wind.

Calculate the wind chill below by entering only the temperature in degrees Celsius and wind speed in kilometers per hour, values that you can get from any weather website.

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Calculate lucky number

Calculate lucky number

Know your lucky number is as simple as entering your date of birth into our online tool. Based on numerology theory, knowing your lucky number can help you learn more about yourself.

If you calculate your lucky number by adding your date of birth until you have only one digit, that number will reveal the path you will take through your life. If you want to save yourself the manual operations, our online utility will help you to find out what is your lucky number.

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Calculate child's bike size

Calculate children's bike size

Buying the right size children's bike is very important. Do not be misguided by those who think that buying a big bike is better because you can use it longer, if you do, you can make the child does not have the proper posture in its most important growth phase, contributing to the adoption of bad posture prematurely.

For calculating the size of the children's bicycle we have to take into account several factors: the child's age, height and inseam measurement. The last two are related, so here is a calculator to find the right size of children's bike based on height:

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Aquarium liter calculator

Calculate liters of an aquarium

Do you want to to know the liters of water entering your aquarium? To make this calculation you only need to know the dimensions of the aquarium. Knowing the height, width and depth, we can calculate automatically and very accurately the amount of liters of water needed to fill an aquarium.

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Calculate DNI letter

Calculate DNI letter

Calculate the letter of the DNI is very simple thanks to our automatic calculator, you only have to enter the digits of the National Identity Document of which you want to know the letter and, automatically, the letter corresponding to the National Identity Document you have entered will appear.

If instead of a DNI you have a NIE or Número de Identificación de Extranjería, here you can calculate the letter of the NIE.

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