Guess your age and foot number

There is a mathematical trick that guesses your age and foot number just by applying a series of simple operations. Just in case you don't believe it, we have left you this one online calculator Will your age and foot size match?

Just follow the instructions below and you can see for yourself.

How to guess your age and foot number with this trick

If you want to try this trick, executes the following sequence of commands you have below in the calculator that we have left just above these lines. Remember to hit the equals key (=) when you do each one to get the result before doing the next step.

  1. Write your foot number
  2. Multiply by the number 5
  3. Add 50 to the number you obtained after performing the multiplication.
  4. Multiply the result by 20.
  5. Now add 1016 to the amount of the previous result. If you have already celebrated your birthday so far in 2017, you should add 1017.

You will now have a four-digit number of which, the first two correspond to your foot size and the next two will be your age.

In case you have any doubts, we have recorded a video with our data to prove that the trick works perfectly. Amazing, isn't it?

What is the trick to let it know your age and foot size?

Mathematical trick to guess age

Actually this mathematical trick is not so much. Its purpose is to guess our age and foot number but if you look closely, both data are provided by uss during the development of the instructions.

Precisely, the first thing they ask us is our foot number so we have already revealed the first of the mysteries.

In the last step we also have to add a strange 1016 which in addition, we have to adapt to 1017 if we have already celebrated our birthday in 2017. In the same way, this number will have to be changed year after year for the trick to be valid, so you can imagine that this is the amount that reveals our age, and indeed, it is.

As a curiosity it is not bad but does not guess anythingWe are offering all our data in an unconscious way.

Ah, if you are over 100 years old the trick does not work. In short, the mathematical trick to guess the age is quite taken with tweezers but if we do it to family or friends we will surely win more than one bet.

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