Grams to ounces

From grams to ounces It is often a nuisance, mainly because the ounce does not belong to the international system of units and we do not know its equivalence with respect to the gram.

Fortunately, we have developed for you a gram to ounce converter so you can switch from one unit to another easily and without calculations. Just enter the weight in grams that you want to convert to ounces and press the calculate button to get the result. 

How to convert from grams to ounces

Grams to Ounces

In case you want to know how to convert from grams to ouncesYou simply need to know how much a gram is worth in ounces:

1 g = 0.03527396195 oz

If you are looking for a mathematical formula to facilitate the conversion, you can use this one:

m(oz) = m(g) / 28,34952

The conversion is easy as long as you know the equivalence, but as we usually forget, for that we have the online calculator that makes the change from grams to ounces for us.

100 grams to ounces

Continuing with the theory of the previous point, we are going to convert 100 grams to ounces using the mathematical formula we have written a few lines above:

m(oz) = 100 grams / 28.34952 = 3.527396 ounces.

Convert from grams to ounces in Excel

Excel allows us to go from grams to ounces directly through the following formula that you must write in an empty cell of your spreadsheet:


Note that C3 are the coordinates that we have used in our example video and in which we wrote the amount of grams we want to convert to ounces. This coordinate you will have to change it for the one that best suits you or if you prefer, you can directly write the amount of ounces you want to convert to grams.

For example, imagine you want to express 50 grams in ounces using Excel. Then, you must write the formula like this:


We like the first method better, since it allows you to build your own grams to ounces calculator as we have done in the video above.

If you still have any doubts about how Excel is used for this conversion from g to ozLeave us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Grams to ounces conversion table

Below you have compiled a series of conversions from grams to ounces up to 1000g, that is, 1 kilo of weight. Surely, this table will be very useful for products that come weighed in oz and not in our international system of units.

Grams (g)Ounces (oz)
0 g0 oz
1 g0.0353 oz
2 g0.0706 oz
3 g0.1058 oz
4 g0.1411 oz
5 g0.1764 oz
6 g0.2116 oz
7 g0.2469 oz
8 g0.2822 oz
9 g0.3175 oz
10 g0.3527 oz
20 g0.7055 oz
30 g1.0582 oz
40 g1.4110 oz
50 g1.7637 oz
60 g2.1164 oz
70 g2.4692 oz
80 g2.8219 oz
90 g3,1747 oz
100 g3,5274 oz
1.000 g35,2740 oz

Finally, we would like to remind you that we also have at your disposal a ounces to grams converter for you to perform the reverse operation.

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