Grams to milligrams

If we are unfamiliar with the milligram unit of weight, our converter from grams to mg will allow you to calculate the equivalence in a simple way. Just enter the weight in grams that you want to convert to milligrams and click the calculate button.

If you wish, we also have a milligram to gram converter to perform the inverse transformation.

How many mg does a gram have?

The milligram is a much smaller unit than the gram. and as its name indicates, the milligram is the result of dividing one gram into 1,000 parts.

From the above we can deduce how many mg a gram has and which can be summarized as the following equality:

1000 mg = 1 gram

How to convert from grams to milligrams

Grams to milligrams

The prefix mili already gives us clues of the power of 10 by which we have to multiply the weight in grams to convert it to milligrams. In order to clarify the doubts at the time of applying the conversion, we remember the equality that we have seen in the previous point and that tells us that 1 g = 1000 mg. 

With the above expression, we can easily make the transformation. For example,In this case, we will convert a weight of 43 grams to milligrams:

m(mg) = m(g) × 1000 = 43 grams x 1000 = 43,000 milligrams

Obviously, the milligram is a very small unit so it is not very common to work with it. Think that many drugs work with it, so you will get an idea of its magnitude.

Convert grams to milligrams in Excel

Excel can be used as a milligram to gram converter with a simple mathematical formula that we will put below and that will prevent you from doing multiplications like the one we have seen above these lines, a totally valid method but that we can save by writing this formula in Excel:


With that line type in an empty cell of your spreadsheet, Excel will be converted from grams to milligrams. the amount that we write on cell C3, coordinates that we can modify as we wish in each case.

If we prefer, we can write directly the amount of g that we want to convert to mg. For example, imagine you want to check how many mg one gram has, then we write the formula like this:


We like the first method better as it allows you to build a sort of g to mg converter in ExcelWe have done this in our example video and we recommend that you watch it so that you have no doubt about how this conversion is done with Excel.

Conversion table from grams to milligrams

Here are some more examples of conversion from grams to milligramsThis will make it easier for you to understand the magnitude of such a small unit of weight as the mg.

Grams (g)Milligrams (mg)
0 g0 mg
0,1 g100 mg
1 g1000 mg
2 g2000 mg
3 g3000 mg
4 g4000 mg
5 g5000 mg
6 g6000 mg
7 g7000 mg
8 g8000 mg
9 g9000 mg
10 g10000 mg
20 g20000 mg
30 g30000 mg
40 g40000 mg
50 g50000 mg
60 g60000 mg
70 g70000 mg
80 g80000 mg
90 g90000 mg
100 g100000 mg
1000 g1000000 mg

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