Grams to Kilos

From grams to kilograms is very easy since you simply have to divide by 1,000 the weight you have in grams, however, you can save this operation if you use our online weight converter.

You only need to enter the weight in grams you want to convert to Kg and click on the calculate button to obtain the equivalence. We also have at your disposal a converter to convert kilograms to grams in case you want to perform the reverse operation.

How to convert from grams to kilograms

Grams to kilograms

As I have explained above these lines, in order to convert grams to kilograms just divide by 1000, i.e., this tells us that 1 gram is equal to 0.001 kilograms.

If you want to apply this concept in a mathematical formulaIn the following you have the expression that will allow you to convert weight units manually:

m(kg) = m(g) / 1000

ExampleLet's convert 10 grams to Kg to see what the result would be:

m(kg) = 10 grams / 1000 = 0.01 Kg

As can be seen, the operation no difficulty of any kind is involved mathematics since we work with powers of ten and both multiplication and division in these cases is very simple.

Convert grams to kilograms in Excel

Excel can help you in the conversion from grams to kilograms since Microsoft's spreadsheet program comes standard with a function that allows us to convert all kinds of units and, of course, we can convert from g to kilos using the following expression in an empty cell:


Where C3 is the cell in which you have written the number of grams to be converted to kilograms. Of course, you can modify this cell and choose one that suits you better. You can even type directly the amount of grams you want to convert to kilograms as in this example:


The good thing about the first method is that it allows you to create your own converter from grams to kilograms in Excel, so you can use it whenever you want even if you don't have an Internet connection.

Grams to Kilos Equivalence Chart

The following is a small but useful collection of conversion table from grams to KgThe values range from 0g to 1000g, i.e., the equivalent of 1 kg.

Grams (g)Kilograms (kg)
0 g0 kg
1 g0.001 kg
2 g0.002 kg
3 g0.003 kg
4 g0.004 kg
5 g0.005 kg
6 g0.006 kg
7 g0.007 kg
8 g0.008 kg
9 g0.009 kg
10 g0.010 kg
20 g0.020 kg
30 g0.030 kg
40 g0.040 kg
50 g0.050 kg
60 g0.060 kg
70 g0.070 kg
80 g0.080 kg
90 g0.090 kg
100 g0.100 kg
1000 g1,000 kg

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