Calculate taxable income

Taxable income calculator

Do you need calculating the tax base of an invoice or price? Below you will find an online calculator that will allow you to obtain the taxable base from the total.

You only have to enter the final price, the VAT rate that has been applied and press the calculate button to obtain how much the taxable amount and the amount of VAT is worth to be paid. We also offer you the possibility of obtaining its value in the case that in addition to VAT, the IRPF withholding tax has also been applied to the total amount.

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Ethereum Calculator

Ethereum Calculator

Ethereum Price

Thinking about buying ETH? Use our Ethereum calculator to make the Euro conversion of its cryptocurrency, the Ether, which is a clear alternative to the Bitcoin and also relies on Blockchain technology.

If you want to invest in Ethereum and buy EthersClick on this link and you will receive 8€ free with your first purchase.

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Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin price

Do you need a bitcoin calculator to know how many euros the cryptocurrency that is changing everything is worth? On this page you will find all the information about bitcoin, how much it is worth and whether it is profitable to invest in the currency of the future.

If you don't have bitcoins yet, from this page you can start to buy and sell them. you get 8€ for free to get started.

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Calculate the IRR

Do you want to calculating the IRR or Internal Rate of Return of an investment? Use our tool and you will be able to see in a much clearer way the profitability of such investment.

A value of High IRR bodes well for profits and a positive cash flow, while if the Internal Rate of Return does not exceed the minimum, then it must be rejected because of its low effective annual return.

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Spain Vacation Calculator

Vacation Calculator

Do you want to calculate how many vacation days you are entitled to in Spain? Use our online calculator and you will get the result automatically.

Our tool is compatible with the most common agreements, although if your job has different conditions, you also have the option to customize the amount of vacation days that belong to you per year worked.

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Calculate BIC or SWIFT

Calculate BIC

Do you need calculate the BIC or SWIFT of a bank account? Use our tool to obtain the code of your bank from the IBAN or the CCC number.

If you have the bank account numberYou simply type it in the tool and press the calculate button.

If you have the IBAN, don't write the first 4 characters composed of the country code and the control code (ES69 for example). The remaining digits of the IBAN correspond to the traditional account number and are the ones you have to type in the BIC code calculator.

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Profitability threshold

Calculate break-even point

Calculate your break-even point online from which you will start earning profits for your business or company.

With our calculator you will be able to to obtain the break-even point in a very simple way. All you have to do is indicate the fixed costs you will have per month, the variable costs that each unit of product sold may have, the price per unit and the number of units you expect to sell per month. With these data, click on the calculate button and you will know the break-even point and the amount of profit you will make.

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TIN - APR Converter in Excel

Do you need a NIR and APR calculator? Use ours to obtain the equivalence between both interest rates automatically.

To do this, you only have to fill in one of the two fields and select the frequency with which the interest payment occurs, as the latter influences the conversion from NIR to APR and vice versa.

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Calculate loan installment

Loan installment calculator

If you want to calculating a loan installmentOur online calculator allows you to know the amount you will have to pay based on the money borrowed and the interest if any, since for low amounts, there are banks that offer payroll advances without any type of commission for their clients.

To calculate the installment of the loan you have requested or are going to request, simply fill in the data requested by our tool and after clicking on the calculate button you will see the amount of interest generated by the loan and the amount of each installment.

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Calculate APR

Calculate APR

Do you need calculate the APR obtained by an operation with compound interest? Our online calculator allows you to obtain the percentage of return subject to the investment.

Its operation is very simple and all you need to do is fill in the fields of the initial capital, the final capitalThe starting date on which the APR began to be applied and the date of termination:

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Calculate compound interest profitability

Profitability calculator

If you want to to know the return on compound interest If you are not sure what your money can produce if you put it in a deposit, you can use our calculator that will give you the amount of money generated and will also subtract the possible withholding taxes to be applied to the final amount we collect (personal income tax, for example).

For calculate the capital obtained You only have to fill in all the data in our calculator, click on the calculate button and you will automatically know the profitability obtained in the period of time you have indicated.

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PayPal Commission Calculator

PayPal Commissions

PayPal is a widely used online payment method, but it is also a method of payment has commissionsThe most important things to keep in mind to avoid surprises when sending or receiving money.

With the PayPal commission calculator in Spain just enter the total amount of money you want to receive or send and click the calculate button to find out the final amount of euros.

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Mortgage simulator

Mortgage simulator

Are you looking for a mortgage simulator? Here is one that will help you see how your mortgage will evolve until you pay off your house.

In order for the mortgage simulator data to be as accurate as possible, et is imperative that you enter the requested information as accurately as possible, otherwise the mortgage calculation may vary from reality.

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Calculating severance pay or termination of contract

Calculate severance

Do you want to calculate your severance pay or termination benefits? Below you have a tool that will show you the amount of the most frequent labor indemnities that occur due to the termination of an employment contract.

To know your severance pay for termination of employment or termination of contract you only have to enter the date you started working, the date your employment relationship ended, the gross annual, monthly or daily salary. 

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Freelance calculator

Freelance calculator

Do you have to make a I work as a freelancer and don't know how much to charge.? With this calculator, freelancers and freelancers can calculate how much to charge a client for a given service.

The result is an estimate of what you should charge for your work (without taxes) to make it profitable, because sometimes, people tend to work too cheaply and that does not bring benefits. Thanks to this freelance calculatorIf you are not working, you will be able to take into account factors such as vacations, fixed expenses, days you may not work due to disability, and more. 

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How many visitors do you need to make money with your website?

Website or blog visit calculator

Earning money with a website or blog is something that many people dream of achieving someday. It is true that many earn a bonus with an Internet page but, is it possible to make money with a website?how many visitors do you really need to make a living from your website? with AdSense or another CPC advertising network?

Below you will find a tool with which you can calculate the volume of visits per month on your website to earn an amount of money that you set. If you have any doubts about how to use this web visitor calculator, read on.

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Calculate 21 percent

Calculate 21%

Calculate the 21 percent VAT is quite common, something that can help us to know how much money we are spending on this tax or to know the discount we are going to get in commercial promotions such as the VAT-free day.

Thanks to our percentage calculator you will be able to know that 21 percent of the amount you want immediately. Just type in the amount, press the Calculate button and you will automatically know the value of your 21%. If you want to calculate any other percentage, please feel free to visit our percent calculator.

We would also like to take this opportunity to tell you about our VAT calculator with which you can calculate the different tax rates value-added tax currently in force.

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Calculate interest online

Online Interest Calculator

If you plan to finance a purchase, you will probably have to to face a series of interests that will increase the final price of the product. It is the price to pay for being able to divide the price of the product in several monthly payments, a much more convenient way to get a whim or something that we need urgently and that without financing, we could not buy.

With our online interest calculator you will be able to know the amount of money you are going to pay and also know the final price of the item. This way you will be able to evaluate if it is worth buying it or not.

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Discount calculator

Calculate discounts

Do you get a price reduction on a product and want to calculate how much it will cost you? With our discount calculator you can enter the percentage to be discounted from the original price and after clicking on the calculate button, you will know the amount to be discounted and the final price with the discount already applied.

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Monthly savings calculator

Monthly savings calculator

Have you proposed save every month? Surely yes, we all want to allocate part of our paychecks for savings and thus join with money for whims, cover expenses, summer vacations or any unforeseen event that may arise.

With our monthly savings calculator you will be able to indicate how much money you have (if any), enter the amount of money you think you will be able to save per month and the number of months you will be saving. After pressing the calculate button, you will know the total amount of money you will have at the end of that period and also the money saved. 

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Net Salary Calculator 2021

Net Salary Calculator

If you want to calculate your net salary, our calculator will offer you what you should charge from the new additional reduction in personal income tax rates established by the government from July 2015 and whose application will be in force for the rest of the year.

With this net salary simulator you will be able to calculate the withholding tax rate and the net salary to be applied by the company you are working for and don't worry that if you get fired, here you can calculating severance pay for dismissal or termination of contract.

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IBAN Calculator

IBAN Calculator

Do you have to calculate the IBAN of a bank account and you don't know what it is? With our calculator you can obtain this sequence composed of the bank account, the country code to which it belongs and the check digit that validates that the IBAN is correct.

The operation of the tool is very simple. All you have to do is type in the bank account number, click on the calculate IBAN and you will automatically see the result.

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Leasing calculator

Leasing Calculator

The leasing calculator allows you to know the costs generated by the interest on the rental of a house, car, machinery or any other object taking into account values such as the value to be financed, residual value (expectation of the sale price), time of the financing, etc.

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VAT Calculator

VAT Calculator

Easily calculate the amount of a product with or without VAT, the value-added tax whose percentage will depend on the nature of the product itself. Thanks to the VAT calculator you will be able to know how much a product costs with or without this tax in a quick way.

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