Leap year online

Leap Year Calculator

Do you want to calculate if a year is a leap year?We have a calculator for that! Just type in the year and click the calculate button to find out if it is or not.

Why do you want to know if a year is a leap year? Mainly, people who want to know it is because the month of February becomes 29 days instead of the usual 28. 

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Calculate day of the week

Calculate day of the week

If you want to calculate the day of the week date, with this tool you will be able to know it automatically and without the need to resort to a calendar or count days between dates to see where it falls on a given day.

You only have to enter the day, select the month and write the year to know the day of the week, and you can resort to dates in the past, present or future

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Time zone converter

Time zones

If you want to know the time in any part of the world, our time zone converter allows you to find out in a very simple way.

Simply enter the current time (or the time of your choice) into the converter, select the territory in which you want to know the equivalent time and click the Calculate button. As an added detail, our tool to calculate the time anywhere in the world works with 24h, AM (in the morning) or PM (in the afternoon).

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Time between two dates

Time between two dates

Calculates the time in days between two dates You can use it to calculate the days you go on vacation, travel or any other circumstance that makes you work with two dates in the calendar.

The operation of our day counter is very simple. You just have to type the two dates in dd/mm/yyyy format (01/31/2017 for example) and click the calculate button to get the number of days that have elapsed between them.

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