Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius

Fahrenheit Celsius degree converter online. Find out the equivalence between these two temperature units used in physics problems.

How many Celsius is a Fahrenheit

If you want to know how many degrees Celsius is one FahrenheitThe following equality will help you out:

1 ºF = -17.222222222222222222221 ºC

How did we arrive at this result? Read on and we will show you the formula to convert from degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius with a simple operation.

Formula to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

For change from degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius you have to use the following mathematical formula:

T(°C) = (T(F) - 32) × 5/9

For example, imagine you want to know how many Celsius is 60 Fahrenheit. Applying the above formula, we have that:

T(°C) = (T(F) - 32) × 5/9  = (60ºF - 32) x 5/9 = 15,555555 ºC

As you can see, the conversion of these two temperature units does not involve much difficulty so you can do it with the calculator yourself.

100 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius

Let's see another practical example of how to convert degrees Fahrenheit to Centigrade (F to C). In this case, we will convert 100 F to C using the same formula as before:

T(°C) = (T(F) - 32) × 5/9  = (100ºF - 32) x 5/9 = 37,77777778 ºC

How to change from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit

Now that we know how to change from ºF to ºC, let's see how to do it in the inverse case, that is to say, from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit.

In this case, the formula to be used for the conversion is as follows:

T(°F) = (T(ºC) x 9/5) + 32

For example, if we want to know how many degrees are 350 Celsius to FahrenheitIf we apply the above formula, we have that:

T(°F) = 350 ºc x 9/5+ 32 = 662 ºF

How many degrees Fahrenheit is 180 degrees Celsius

Let's see another example in which we are going to find out how many degrees Fahrenheit in 180 degrees Celsius. To do so, we apply again the formula seen in the previous theoretical point and obtain the following equation:

T(°F) =180 ºc x 9/5+ 32 = 356 ºF

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius in Excel

If you want to automate the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion with ExcelYou can create your own converter using the following expression in the Microsoft program:


This will ensure that the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit you type in cell C3, it is automatically converted to degrees Celsius without the need to perform any operation.

You can also express the temperature you want in the formula from ºF to ºC. For example, if you want to transform 70 degrees Fahrenheit to Centigrade using Excel, you can write the function as follows:


In the video above we have opted for the first option, as it allows you to create your own Fahrenheit to Celsius converterThis will be very useful if you usually work with these two temperature units.

If you want to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit in ExcelIf the units are not displayed, you simply have to reverse the order in which the units appear, i.e., you will use this function:


If you have any questions and want us to help you, leave us a comment and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Fahrenheit to Degrees Celsius Equivalency Chart

If you need change from degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius If you want to make it easier, here is an equivalence table that shows some direct conversions between these two temperature units. If you wish, you can print this table and take it with you everywhere.


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