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Calculate any power with our online calculator. Simply enter the value of the base and the value of the exponent to find the value you are looking for.

In case you don't remember, let's refresh what is the base and what is the exponent. For example, in 23 we have to:

  • The base is number 2
  • The exponent is the number 3, that is, the number of times by which we multiply the base.

If you want to calculate the exponent of a powerYou can do it in the link that we have just left.

What is a power?

As we have already mentioned, a power is composed of two elements: base and exponent. The exponent indicates the number of times that the base factor is repeatedthat is, if we have 26 means that we have to multiply the number two by itself a total of six times (2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 = 64).

In this case, calculating the value of the power is simple but if we work with larger numbers, the calculation becomes more complicated and it is much more convenient to use power calculators like ours.

If what you need is to remove the value of the exponentthen you must use the logarithm operation with which, through the value of the exponential and the base, you will find the number of times by which the number has been multiplied. In the link we have left you will find all the details to find the value of the exponent in a power.

Powers of negative numbers

If we calculate the power of a negative number, the final result can have a positive or negative sign depending on the value of the exponent. Below we explain the possible cases:

  • Even exponentIn this case, we will always obtain a positive result since there is no negative number that, when multiplied by itself an even number of times, gives us a negative result.
  • Odd exponentin this case the negative symbol is respected.

Properties of powers

Below you will find details of the properties of powers so that you can take them into account when solving your exercises.

Powers of exponent 0

Any number raised to zero is equal to 1. Mathematically, this is expressed in this form:

a0 = 1

For example:

60 = 1

The same is true for any other value.

Powers of exponent 1

In this case, any number raised to one is equal to the number itself. That is to say:

a1 = a

Like worked example of this property, we have this one:

71 = 7

Powers with negative exponent

If the exponent of the power is a nonzero, negative integer, the power can be expressed as an fraction.

a-n = 1/an

For example, let's convert the following to a fraction power with negative exponent:

2-2 = 1/22 = 1/4

Multiplying powers with the same base

If you are going to multiply several powers that share the same base, the result is a power with that base but whose exponent is the sum of the exponents.

am - an = am+n

Solved example of multiplication of powers with the same base:

32 · 34 = 32+4 = 36

Multiplication of powers with the same exponent

In the case of having to multiply two powers with the same exponent but different bases, what we have to do is to keep the exponent and multiply the bases:

an - b n = (a - b)n

For example:

22 · 32 = (2 - 3)2 = 62 = 36

Dividing powers with the same base

If we are going to divide several powers with the same baseIn this case the exponents are subtracted as you can see below:

am : an = am-n

This is the corresponding solved exercise of division of powers:

47 : 43 = 47-3 = 44

Dividing powers with the same exponent

For this case of power divisionwe keep the exponent but divide the bases by each other

an : b n = (a : b)n


82 : 42 = (8 : 4)2 = 22 = 4

Power of a power

In the case of having a power of a powerIf we want to multiply the exponents, what we have to do is to multiply the exponents as you can see in the following generic example:

(am)n=am - n

If we apply it to a practical exercise, we will see it better:

(22)3 = 26 = 64

How to create your own power calculator in Excel

If you want to calculating powers in ExcelYou can also do this by applying the following function in a cell:


Or, if you prefer, you can also use this formula for writing powers in Excel which will give us exactly the same result:


In both cases, you should keep in mind that:

  • A1 are the coordinates of the cell in which the base of the power is located.
  • B2 are the coordinates of the cell in which you have written the exponent.

You will have to adapt the value of those coordinates to your spreadsheet to create a exponent calculator automated using Microsoft software.

If you are not sure what the base or exponent of a power is, read the first part of this post where we explain what each one is.

How to calculate powers in Casio calculator

Power calculator

If you have a Casio calculatoryou can calculate powers very easily. The most common methods are explained below.

Exponent 2 or raising a number to the square

To use the Casio calculator to square a number, simply locate the key with the x symbol engraved on it.2 on its surface.

When you have located it, simply type the number to be squared, press that key (x2) and then press the equals (=) to obtain the result.

Exponent 3 or raising a number to the cube

In this case, we will see that the secondary function of the x key2 en x3i.e., raising a number to the cube.

The process to follow is as follows:

  • Type the number you want to cube
  • Press the Shift key and then the key on which the secondary function is located.

Negative exponent or any other number

For some time now, Casio calculators have allowed us to raise any number to any exponent, even if it is a negative number. To achieve this, the first thing to do is to locate the key that has an x raised to a blank square or, in some cases, it is also represented as xy.

In the video we have just shown you, we explain how you can calculate powers with any exponentincluding negative numbers, using a CASIO calculator.

How to use the power calculator

If you're not quite sure how to use our power calculator, we've recorded a video in which we propose several practical examples so that you can solve any doubt about how it works. We hope it will be helpful, but if you still have any doubts, leave us a comment and we will help you as much as we can :)

Remember that you can subscribe to our social networks or share this post among your friends, you will help us a lot and it is a way to thank us for our work.

Addition and subtraction of powers

How to add and subtract powers is one of the most frequent doubts when facing an operation.

In both the addition and subtraction of powers it is essential that solve them individually and add up the value of each one. to obtain the result of the operation.

In no case may you add the exponents or the bases. because the result you will get will be wrong. You can check this as we have indicated before, that is, solving each exponential individually and checking that you do not get the result.

Let's see it with an example in which we want to add 32 + 32

If lor we do it individually we have to:

32 + 32 = 9 + 9 = 18

If we do it the wrong way adding the exponents let's see what happens:

32 + 32 = 34 = 81

As can be seen, the result is NOT the same and is correct only in the first case.

If you need find out the value of the exponentthen you need to perform the logarithm operation with which, through the value of the exponential and the base, you will find the number of times by which the number has been multiplied.

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