Distance between two points

If you need to know the distance between two pointsWith our calculator you will know exactly the kilometers that separate both points and the route that you must follow to go from the point of origin to the destination.

All you have to do is enter the starting place (from) and the destination place (to). It can be countries, cities, streets, whatever you want, but in case of streets, make sure you also provide the city they belong to or even the postal code. The more information you enter, the more accurate you will get in knowing the distance between two points.

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Straight line distance between two points on Google Maps

With Google MapsIn addition to calculating the kilometer distances between two cities, it also allows us to know the distance between two points in a straight lineor three, as many as you want. You can even form your own enclosure and calculate the area in square meters in it.

For measure distances between two points in a line If you have a straight line using Google Maps, place yourself in the area you want to start the measurement and when you have it, left click with the left mouse button on the point on the map to position a marker there.

Cuando el marcador aparezca, pulsa sobre él con el botón izquierdo del ratón y selecciona la opción "Medir la distancia".

Now we have to select a second point and, automatically, the straight line distance that separates them. We can modify this point or add more by clicking on different points of the map.

If at any point the end point and the start point meet, you will create an enclosure and Google Maps will give you the area it occupies.

Undoubtedly, this is a great option for calculate the exact distance in a straight line between two points of your choice, whether they are streets, cities, plots of land or even countries.

Table of kilometer distances between cities in Spain

Table of mileage distances between cities in Spain
Click on the table to see it in full size.

The table of kilometer distances between cities in Spain that we have just left shows the separation in KM between the different cities of our country. The operation of the table is very simple and is a bit like the game of sinking the fleet but the coordinates are the name of each city.

You have to find the row and column with the origin and destination city from which we want to know its distance. The cell in which the two intersect will be the distance in KM between them.

In case you visit us from a cell phone and the image with the table is too small, by clicking on it you will be able to see the full size version.

Calculates the distance between two points

If you have used our tool, you will have been able to verify that calculate the distance between two places is very easy. We make use of Google Maps to calculate the distance between both points and the route to follow from the origin to the destination, therefore, the information is completely reliable and updated so that if you wish, you can print our page and use it for your trip. Even you can book your hotel directly from here with the utility that you have just above these lines.

You can even know the approximate time it will take you to get there to the destination you have entered, which is also very useful if you are planning a trip and do not want anything to go wrong.

To finish, just remind you that you can use the distance between two points that you have obtained for calculate the amount of gasoline you will need to use in your vehicle to complete the trip. If you do so, you will already know in advance the amount of fuel you are going to spend and the money that the trip will cost you, so you will avoid unexpected surprises that you did not count on.

What is the distance between Madrid and Salamanca?

One of the most frequent trips made from the Spanish capital is to Salamanca, but is it possible to travel to the city of Salamanca?what distance in kilometers is if we travel by car from Madrid to Salamanca?

If we enter the data into our tool we will see that the distance between these two cities is 215 km ahead, which would be about two hours and 13 minutes by car. Do you dare to calculate the distance between two points?

Of course, you can find out the distance between two cities you want, immediately from our website. You only have to write their names and click on the calculate route button to know the number of kilometers that separate both destinations.

Distance calculator for running

If you are a runner, you can use the trick to calculate distances between several points using Google Maps as we have explained in the previous point, so you can draw your route on the map and know exactly the distance you have run.

Once you have calculated the number of kilometers you have runyou can use our tool to calculate the running rhythmsanother utility that will allow you to obtain more information on the intensity of your training and the time you have taken to cover each kilometer.

Anyway, if you have a smartphone with GPS and data connection it is best that you download an application like Runtastic, Endomondo or Strava (there are many) for calculate the distance between the starting point and the end point of your running outing. This way you avoid having to draw the route on Google Maps and you will have more precision when it comes to knowing the distance in km you have run.

How the kilometer distance calculator works between two points

In the video we have just shown you, we will show you how to use the distance calculatorThe new tool allows you to immediately obtain the number of kilometers between cities, countries or two points in a city.

GPS, another way to calculate the distance between two points

GPS is a dynamic positioning system that, based on a series of coordinatesallows us to calculate distance between two points regardless of whether they are streets, cities or two different points in a city.

Why is it a dynamic positioning system? Because GPS uses satellites to calculate our position and based on it, calculate the distance to our destination. If we add to that maps like Google Maps, then we find that in addition to knowing the distance that separates us between these two pointsWe can also calculate the route to reach it.

Today's cell phones already come with a built-in GPS receiver, but if you're looking for a navigator for your car, here are the best options for you. best GPS deals that will undoubtedly come in handy for you to calculate distances in kilometers on your car trips.

If you are going to make a trip, be sure to calculate the distances between two points.

Distance between two points

As we have already mentioned, calculating kilometer distances between two points is something that should be done before every major trip, whether for a vacation or for business purposes. Regardless of the case that motivates your trip by car, you should always calculate the kms between two points.

By doing so, you will be able to anticipate possible problems that may arise during the trip. For example, you will know if you have to refuel or not and in case you have to stop for gas, with the calculator that we have left you in the first point of this article you can calculate how much diesel or gasoline you need for your car and if you know an approximate price of euro / liter, you will also know the money it will cost you to take it prepared.

If the distance between two points is a lot, you will also be able to plan stops in advance to rest. Look for a service area where you can have a coffee, a soda or even sleep if you consider it appropriate.

All of these reasons are important enough for you to take a few minutes of your time in calculating the distance between your point of origin and destination.

Calculate distance between two points with the cell phone

Distance between two cities

Although we have offered you several methods to calculate the distance between two points, if you have a cell phone or tablet at hand, you can also calculate kilometer distances in a simple way.

For example, if you have an iPhone, all you have to do is ask Siri the distance between the starting point, the arrival point and how you are going to get there (by car, walking, cycling, etc.).

How far is it from my location to City Hall if I am walking?

That's just one example of what you can ask Apple's voice assistant but the combinations are endless and it will provide us with the kilometer distance between the two points of our choice.

If you have Android you can also use Google voice search to ask a similar question. The result will be displayed immediately and we will have access to Google Maps to see the route with the kilometer distance between the two cities or points chosen.

Using these vocal assistants to calculate the distance between two points is the fastest method if what we are looking for is an immediate response and we do not need to dig much more although both iOS and Android, if we access the info of the assistant we can see the route on the map and navigate at will.

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