Discount calculator

Do you get a price reduction on a product and want to calculate how much it will cost you? With our discount calculator you can enter the percentage to be discounted from the original price and after clicking on the calculate button, you will know the amount to be discounted and the final price with the discount already applied.

How to calculate a discount

If you do not know how to calculate a discountwe are going to explain it to you. As it is a rebate, a % discount means that out of every 100 euros, the percentage marked by the rebate will be subtracted from the price.

This can be transferred to a mathematical formula:

discount = price x 1TP1Discount /100

For example, if we want to calculate the 20% discount on a price of 799 euros, we will do it in the following way by applying the above formula:

799 euros x 20 / 100 = 159.8 euros

The amount obtained will be what we will be deducted of the original price, therefore, we will pay:

799 euros - 158,9 euros = 639,20 €

How to calculate the original price of a discount

If what we want is calculate the original price of a discountthen we have to apply another formula. This case will be used when we get the price already reduced and the % discount that has been applied but the original price is not marked (something that by law must always be reflected).

In this case we will use this other formula:

precio original = 100 x precio descontado / (100 - %rebaja)

For example, we have a discounted product from 15% that already discounted costs 150 euros. What was your original price? We apply the above formula and obtain that:

100 x 150€ / (100 - 15) = 15000 / 85 = 176,47€

We hope this is clear to you cow to calculate a discount and if you have any questions, leave us a comment and we will be happy to help you.

Sales periods in Spain

Calculate discounts

Although many stores already apply sales outside the usual periods, it is normal to be able to find discounts just in time. after the Three Wise Men's Day at Christmas or from July 1st onwards.

With the new deregulated sales calendarIn addition, each retailer can decide the sales period without the need for the discounts to be in line with the dates mentioned above.

A clear example is days such as the Black Friday, VAT-free day and other occasions Many department stores and online stores take the opportunity to sell their products with succulent discounts that are always appreciated. Likewise, here you can access great offers every day.

Best for discovering discounts and not miss the opportunity to save money is to be attentive to Internet forums and is that there are always leaks or rumors of when there will be days of sales for a certain type of products (clothing, electronics, supermarkets, etc.).

Is it worth waiting for the sales?

This depends on the situation of each individual, but as a general rule, is worth a lot of money. Today's world has established an annual renewal period for most products (sometimes even less) so that when the new one is launched, the old one is marked down considerably and loses a lot of value.

That is, if we are the first to buy any type of item, we are paying for the novelty. Maybe in clothing, this is more valued as trends change but if we are going to buy a refrigerator, surely we do not care that it is 11 months old or that there is already a new model that replaces it if that saves us money 300 euros.

You must assess this yourself and take into account that with wait a few more months, you can save a lot of money. You can also be unlucky and because you waited, you run out of stock if the product is in high demand, although in these cases, there are sure to be alternatives that are just as valid.

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