Degrees to degrees, minutes and seconds

If you have an angle in degrees and you need to convert it to degrees, minutes and seconds, our angle converter will solve your problem by providing you with an immediate calculation. Simply enter the value of the angle in decimal format (e.g. 30.52) and press the convert button to find out the degrees, minutes and seconds.

How to convert from degrees to degrees, minutes and seconds

Degrees to degrees, minutes and seconds

Aunque nuestra herramienta te facilita los cálculos de forma automática, es conveniente que sepas que 1º = 60' (minutos) = 3600'' (segundos).

From here, we can convert from degrees in decimal format to degrees, minutes and seconds by performing the following mathematical operations:

  • Degrees (G): integer value of the degrees in decimal form (GD)
  • Minutes (M): valor entero de ((GD - G) x 60)
  • Seconds (S): (GD - G - M/60) x 3600

These three operations are detailed in our degree calculator in decimal format so you can do some exercises and then check if you have done well the calculations to get the degrees, minutes and seconds.

How to convert decimals to degrees in scientific calculator

Use a scientific calculator to convert from decimal to degrees, minutes and seconds.

If you have a scientific calculator on hand, you can also use it for change from decimal to degrees, minutes and seconds. To show you how to do it, we are going to use a very well known Casio model, specifically the fx-991 that you can buy here.

For from decimals to degrees Simply type the number in the calculator and press the = key. Then press the specific key to change from decimal to degrees minutes and seconds and it will do the conversion.

For example, imagine you want to convert 4.5 to degrees, minutes and seconds. The steps you should do are:

Escribir 4,5 → = → º ' "

By following this method you will be able to to get degrees, minutes and seconds in scientific calculator in a simple way. However, if you have another model of calculator, you will have to consult the instruction manual to find out how to do it.

If you have a Casio like us, you will almost certainly be able to do the same even if you don't have the exact same model since the basic functions are usually the same for all of them.

How does our online degrees, minutes and seconds calculator work?

Our calculates degrees, minutes and seconds online works in a very similar way to the case seen in the previous point.

All you have to do is write the decimal number you want to convert to degrees and click the calculate button to get the detailed result where you can see how the number of degrees, the number of minutes and the number of seconds have been calculated with their corresponding operation.

Además obtendrás el paso a paso para saber cómo se calculan los grados, los minutos y los segundos con su operación correspondiente.

Decimals to degrees, minutes and seconds in Excel

If you don't have a scientific calculator at hand and you can't use our tool either, we'll teach you how to convert a decimal number to degrees, minutes and seconds in Excel.

Simply open a new spreadsheet and in an empty cell type the following formula that will do the conversion:

=TEXTO(ABS(A1/24); "[h]° mm' ss''")

Where we have put A1 you have to put the value of the cell that contains the number decimal you want to convert to degrees or, if you prefer, you can also type the value of the number directly. For example, if you want to pass 9.7 the Excel formula can be written like this:

=TEXTO(ABS(9,7/24); "[h]° mm' ss''")

Hopefully, with all these explanations, the procedure and the different ways to transform a number into the format decimal to sexagesimal degrees. Even so, if you have any kind of doubt, write us a comment with total confidence and we will help you as soon as we can.

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