Decimal to percentage

Pass a number decimal to percentage with our online calculator. Just type the number in decimal format, press the calculate button and you will automatically get its equivalent percentage.

We remind you that if you want to perform the inverse operation, we also have for you a calculator for convert from percentage to decimal.

How to calculate the percentage of a number

Decimal to percentage

For transform a decimal number into a percentage This is because the number 1 is equal to 100%, therefore, the percentage value is equal to the value of the decimal number multiplied by 100%:

V% = Vd × 100%

Here are some examples in which we apply the above formula for calculate the percentage of a number:

  • 0.01 = 0.01 x 100% = 1%
  • 0.1 = 0.1 x 100% = 10%
  • 4.3 = 4.3 x 100% = 430%

If after seeing these examples you still have any doubts about how to find the percentage of a number any, we propose another point of view to try to understand it.

Imagine that the unit is divided into 100 parts. If we take all these parts, we have the complete number, that is, its 100%. If we take 10 parts, we will have a 10% or what is the same, a 0.1 if we speak in decimal format.

If instead of one unit we have two, we will have 200 parts, that is, a 200%. If we have three units, then it will be a 300% and so on. In the end we come to multiply by 100 in the same way but it is another different approach to try to better understand how find the percentage of an amount.

How to convert from decimal to percentage in Excel

In this video that we have just posted, we show you several examples of how you can convert a number from decimal to percentage using Excel.


Decimal to percentage in excel

For convert a decimal number to a percentage using Excel or other spreadsheets, we simply select the cell in which the decimal number is located and go to Format > Cells.

Once there, we select that it belongs to the percentage category to apply the change automatically. Optionally, you can select the number of decimal places you want the percentage result that Excel will automatically calculate in the selected cells to apply the percentage format.

Percentage symbol in excel

The second method consists of click on the toolbar button with the percentage symbol (%).

Finally, you can also do it manually by applying the multiplication we have seen in the previous point. In that case, you would have to select an empty cell and type the following formula:

= A1 * 100

A1 being the coordinate that you must change to adapt it to your spreadsheet. Remember that this coordinate must refer to the cell where the decimal number you want to convert to a percentage is located.

Any of the three methods will work for this conversion.

Decimal to percentage equivalence table

If you want to print a table with the equivalence with some transformations from decimal to percentageBelow is a list of the most commonly used examples:


If you still have doubts about how to change from decimal to percentage, leave us a comment and we will help you as soon as possible.

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