Change from kmh to mph

If you need go from Km/h to mph or vice versa, our online converter allows you to know immediately how much a speed is equivalent to in kilometers per hour if you want to convert it to miles.

The operation of the converter is very simple, you only have to select the change of units and enter the speed you want to convert. After pressing the calculate button, you will obtain your equivalence in the selected speed unit.

What is one mile per hour in Km/h?

When we see a speedometer in mph, the first thing that comes to mind is how much a mile per hour is in Km/h. The answer is this:

1 mph = 1,60934 km/h

In the same way, we can calculate how much 1 Km/h is in mph:

1 km/h = 0.621371 mph

Now that we know the equivalence between miles per hour and kilometers per hour, let's see how to switch from one unit to the other.

How to convert mph to km/h

From the equivalences seen in the previous point, we can deduce an fformula to convert from mph to km/h:

speed in km/h = mph x 1.60934

For example, let's calculate how much is 180 mph in kilometers per hour applying the above formula:

180 mph x 1.60934 = 289.682 km/h (289.682 mph)

Any doubts? Let's go to the reverse conversion.

How to convert km/h to mph

Kmh to Mph Converter

Now it is our turn to learn how to convert kilometers per hour to miles per hour. For the conversion we will use the following formula:

speed in mph = km/h x 0.621371

For the avoidance of doubt, let's look at an example in which we will calculate 330 km/h in mph:

330 km/h x 0.621371 = 205.052 mph

Transform mph to km/h in Excel

Mph to kmh in Excel

In case our mph to km/h converter is not enough for you, let's show you how to create your own converter using Excel. Open a new spreadsheet and type in an empty cell the following function:


For it to work properly, you have to replace C1 with one of the two options following:

  • The coordinates of the cell in which you typed the number of miles per hour you want to convert to kilometers per hour.
  • The speed in mph directly.

For example, if you want to calculate 120 mph in kmhthe function will be written like this:


Convert km/h to mph in Excel

kmh to mph in Excel

As we have seen in the previous point, you can also use Excel to transform km/h into mph. Just use this function:


The operation of the formula is exactly the same as we have seen in the previous point but in case doubts arise, let's see an example in which we will pass 233 Km/h in mph:


Now press the ENTER key and you will automatically get the conversion result.

Mph to Km/h Equivalency Chart

In case the equivalence between miles per hour and kilometers per hour is not clear to you, here is a table that summarizes more conversions with common values of these two speed units.


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