Convert Kg to mg

Kilograms to milligrams converter online so that you can obtain the equivalence between these two weight units without additional calculations.

How to convert from Kg to mg

Kg to milligrams

From kilograms to milligrams is very easy, although sometimes it can lead to errors in the calculations because we handle a large number of zeros and it is easy to make mistakes in this.

For convert Kg to mg we simply must always keep in mind that:

1 kg = 106 mg = 1,000,000 mg

From the above equivalence, we can easily obtain a formula to convert kilograms to milligrams:

m(mg) = m(Kg) × 1,000,000 = m(Kg) × 106

By example,we are going from 3.2 kg to milligrams:

m(mg) = 3.2 Kg ×1,000,000 = 3,2 × 10Kg

How to check, the conversion is really simple and we only encountered some difficulty when working with the power 106 although if you leave it in scientific notation, you won't have many additional problems.

How many milligrams are in one kilogram?

Mass units

Although we have already seen it in the previous point, 1 kg is 1,000,000 milligrams.

If we look at the mass units image above, we can see that in order to go from kg to mg we have to make six jumps to the right, which implies multiply 6 times by 10 or, in other words, one time only per 1,000,000.

Convert kilograms to milligrams in Excel

If you want to avoid having to do the calculation of from kilograms to milligrams and you cannot use our mass unit converter, you have a second option which is to use Excel.

If you have it installed on your computer, open a new spreadsheet and type in an empty cell the following formula to make the conversion:


Where we have put C3 you will have to write the coordinates of the cell in which you have written the weight in kilograms. If you prefer, you can also type directly there the number of kilograms you want to convert to mg. For example, let's imagine that you want to convert 3 kilograms to milligrams:


The process is simple but if you have any doubts we recommend you to watch the video on how to do it. Of course, you can also leave us a comment and we will be happy to help you.

Kilograms to milligrams table

Below you have a Kilos to milligrams equivalence table which will allow you to have a much clearer understanding of the conversion between these two weight units.

Kilograms (kg)Milligrams (mg)
0 kg0 mg
0.1 kg100,000 mg
1 kg1,000,000 mg
2 kg2,000,000 mg
3 kg3,000,000 mg
4 kg4,000,000 mg
5 kg5,000,000 mg
6 kg6,000,000 mg
7 kg7,000,000 mg
8 kg8,000,000 mg
9 kg9,000,000 mg
10 kg10,000,000 mg
20 kg20,000,000 mg
30 kg30,000,000 mg
40 kg40,000,000 mg
50 kg50,000,000 mg
60 kg60,000,000 mg
70 kg70,000,000 mg
80 kg80,000,000 mg
90 kg90,000,000 mg
100 kg100,000,000 mg
1000 kg1,000,000,000 mg

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