Online conversion from binary to decimal

Binary to decimal it couldn't be easier with our online calculator. Simply enter the sequence of numbers in binary format, press the calculate button and you will get the equivalent in decimal format, the calculations performed to reach that result and its equivalent in hexadecimal format.

Convert binary to decimal is easier than ever before and, of course, we also have at your disposal a decimal to binary converter.

How to convert from binary to decimal

Binary to Decimal Calculator

For convert from binary to decimal tienes que realizar la suma de las potencias de dos de 1's. Por ejemplo, imagina que queremos pasar a decimal el número binario 111001. La siguiente tabla nos recoge la correspondencia en potencias de base dos que tenemos que utilizar:

Binary number111001
Power of two252423222120

We now perform the sum of the powers que le corresponde a cada "1" del número binario que queremos pasar a decimal y obtenemos la siguiente operación:

1110012 = 1-25+1-24+1-23+0-22+0-21+1-20 = 57

As you can see, it is quite simple to go from binary to decimal, although thanks to our binary calculatoryou can do it automatically.

How to convert binary to decimal in Excel

You can use Excel to convert from binary to decimal and create your own personal calculator to use whenever you need it.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the binary number you enter in the spreadsheet must be cannot be longer than 10 charactersthat is, 10 bits. If you exceed this amount, Excel will result in an error represented by #NUM!

If this limitation is not a problem for you, simply write the following formula to be able to use the function that allows you to convert from binary to decimal in Excel:


Remember that C3 are the coordinates of the cell where the binary number you want to convert to decimal is located. If you have chosen another cell in your spreadsheet, you will have to change them.

If you prefer, you can also write the binary number directly between the parentheses to perform the binary to decimal conversion. In this case, you should write a formula similar to this one:


If you have any doubts about how Excel is used to perform this conversion, you can watch the video we have recorded and in which we make several demonstrative examples and if you still have doubts, leave us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Binary to Decimal Calculator

Binary calculator

Do you know that you can go from binary to decimal using a scientific calculator? Not all of them work, but for several years now, the main calculator manufacturers have been allowing conversions between different number systems.

To explain how to use the binary calculatorWe are going to use one of the Casio brand like the one you have in the picture, although as I said, for several years there are many compatible models and the procedure is similar in all of them.

Here's what you have to do to use the calculator to convert from binary to decimal:

  1. Presiona la tecla "Mode Setup" o "Menu Config" que suele colocarse en la esquina superior derecha de la calculadora
  2. De entre todas las opciones disponibles, selecciona la que pone "Base-N"
  3. Ahora localiza la tecla que arriba tiene escritas las letras "BIN". En la calculadora de la foto se puede apreciar en la última fila de botones.
  4. Type the binary number you want to convert to decimal.
  5. Press the equals key (=)
  6. Por último, presiona el botón que arriba tiene escritas las letras "DEC". Esta tecla suele encontrarse en la misma fila que la tecla "BIN" que has pulsado en el paso 3.

If all has gone well, the calculator will have made the change from binary to decimal without operations and instantaneously.

Binary to decimal table

Below is a table with some of them binary to decimal conversions most commonly used during the learning process of both number systems. If you wish, you can print it to have it always at hand and familiarize yourself with the change from base 2 to base 10.


How the binary to decimal converter works

We have posted a video on our YouTube channel to learn how the binary to decimal converter works. In this video, we propose several practical examples in which we convert several numbers in binary format to decimal format to see the result provided by the tool, a utility that will save you a lot of time in your changes from one numeric system to another.

If you have found the tool useful, we would appreciate if you share it in your social networks or subscribe to ours, it is the way to show us that our work has helped you. It will only take you a few seconds and it will help us a lot to keep improving day after day.

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