From km/h to m/s

Km/h to m/s converter

From km/h to m/s is very common in problems at school, high school, college, university. If you want to avoid having to make a rule of three, our online converter will help you to make this simple calculation between widely used speed units.

Go from kilometers per hour to meters per second in the easiest possible way. Simply enter the speed figure in kilometers per hour and after clicking on the calculate button, you will obtain the value of the speed in meters per second.

If you wish to from m/s to Km/h, we also have a speed converter that performs the reverse transformation for you.

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Meters per second to Kilometers per hour

Pass ms to Kmh

Passing from meters per second (m/s) to kilometers per hour (km/h) (km/h) is a snap with our speed unit converter. Just enter the speed in m/s, press the calculate button and you will automatically get the equivalence in km/h.

If you need it, we also have at your disposal a Km/h to m/s converter to perform the inverse transformation, something that can also be very useful in many occasions.

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Knots at m/s

Knot to m/s converter

From knots to meters per second is very easy with our online converter. In case you didn't know, a knot is the unit used in the maritime sector to indicate the speed of navigation, so if you are not used to this terminology, you will surely like to know its correspondence in meters per second.

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Change from kmh to mph

Kmh to Mph Converter

If you need go from Km/h to mph or vice versa, our online converter allows you to know immediately how much a speed is equivalent to in kilometers per hour if you want to convert it to miles.

The operation of the converter is very simple, you only have to select the change of units and enter the speed you want to convert. After pressing the calculate button, you will obtain your equivalence in the selected speed unit.

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