Men's shirt and T-shirt sizes

Men's shirt and t-shirt size converter

More and more people are buying clothes online, so it is essential that calculate your clothing size very well for shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts and other tops.

Here is a utility with which you will be able to calculate your size for men's shirts and t-shirts from your chest circumference in centimeters or if you prefer, you can calculate the correspondence between sizes to know which size to choose if you use the European sizing system or by letters.

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Equivalence of men's trouser sizes

Trouser size converter

If you have any doubts when choosing the men's trouser size We will provide you with all the information you need so that you can easily find out the answers to your questions.

We have also developed a tool that calculates the equivalence between men's trouser sizesThe sizing system, either in centimeters, the Spanish sizing system or the international sizing system that uses letters instead of numbers.

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Ring sizes

Ring size converter

Choosing a ring is a headache, that's why we've put together a complete list of the best rings to choose from. ring size guide so that you can calculate the correct measurement for your fingers in centimeters and its equivalence in other countries.

Just select the size in our ring size converter to automatically know its equivalence in the rest of the nomenclatures and if you still have doubts, keep reading because we will solve all the doubts you may have.

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Children's shoe size converter

Children's shoe calculator

Choosing footwear for babies and children is a headache. They are in an advanced growth phase and change their size every few months, so it is important to make sure that they are wearing the right shoe for their foot size.

Here you will find all the information for choosing the right shoe for your children and a tool to obtain the equivalence of sizes between different countries so you don't have any doubts.

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Women's shoe size converter

Women's shoe sizes

If you need a women's shoe size converterHere you will find all the necessary information so that you can buy your new footwear without any doubt that you are getting the right foot size.

Just enter your foot measurement in centimeters or enter the women's shoe size that you use right now to obtain the equivalence in sizes in other countries, including Spain, UK, USA or Italy.

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Shoe size converter for men

Men's shoe size converter

Buying a new pair of shoes always brings up the problem of sizing. Even if we know what our usual shoe size is, there are always discrepancies between manufacturers or territories so to put an end to your doubts, we have developed a men's shoe size converter.

With this tool you will be able to know immediately the equivalence of men's shoes and slippers in centimeters or territories such as Spain, United Kingdom, America or Italy.

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Calculate underpants size

Calculate underpants sizes

Do you need help to know your underpants size Or calculate the equivalence between different countries? With our online converter you can get the size of this underwear for men in different nomenclatures and in centimeters, so that just by measuring the perimeter of your waist or hip you know the size of underpants you should buy.

Buying underwear is always complicated but if we have doubts about the sizes, it can become a hell. We hope we can help you with our men's underpants size converter.

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Panty Size Equivalency Calculator

Panty size converter

After having solved all your doubts to find out what is your bra size Now it's the turn of the panties. This undergarment also has different sizing depending on the country in which it has been manufactured so it could create confusion at a certain time such as online shopping.

For these cases, our panty size equivalence calculator will offer you all the possible combinations for the different most common territories, you can even calculate your ideal size by simply entering your waist or hip circumference in centimeters.

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Calculate bra size

Bra size converter

Chart to calculate bra size

Do you want to calculate your bra size? With our online calculator you can do it by just entering a couple of measurements of your body and thanks to which you will know, once and for all, which bra size you need.

For know what bra size you needTake a tape measure that can be adjusted to your body contour and take the following measurements:

  • Measure AThe size of your chest exactly at the level of your nipples.
  • Measure BThe body contour in centimeters just below the chest.

Enter the result in the bra size calculator and you will automatically know the size you need. 

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Women's clothing size converter

Women's clothing sizes

Need to know your clothing size in other countries? Use our clothing size converter and you can immediately calculate the different sizes of the garments globally, being able to see the equivalence of sizes in countries of the European Union, the letter and other areas such as the United States or Japan among others.

Please note that this women's clothing size converter makes use of universal tables which, on occasions, not all manufacturers comply with for the manufacture of their garments. This means that in some cases, there may be small discrepancies, although this should not be the norm.

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