Are you looking for a ASCII table or a symbol search engine to know its equivalence in ASCII, binary, hexadecimal, HTML or Escape encoding? Here you will find a converter so that you can write the character you want and know its equivalence in the different encodings:

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Roman numeral converter

Roman numeral converter

Do you need to change from decimal to Roman numerals or vice versa? Don't worry. With our Roman numeral converter you can calculate the equivalence between the two number systems. Simply enter the corresponding digit in the decimal number (up to 3,999) or Roman numeral field and press the convert button to obtain the equivalent.

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ASCII to binary

ASCII to binary converter

The ASCII code refers to a character code based on the Latin alphabet, using a total of 8 bits to represent each of these characters. If you would like to know the equivalence between a text with symbols included in the ASCII and binary code, use the converter below.

If what you need is a converter of binary to ASCII, do not hesitate to visit the link that you have just behind these words.

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Hexadecimal to binary

Hexadecimal to binary converter

Converts from hexadecimal to binary with ease thanks to our online converter. Remember that the hexadecimal system works with the range of symbols from 0 to 9 and then uses the first letters of the alphabet (range A-F) for the rest of the symbols that are missing until reaching the 16 that are used.

Transforming a hexadecimal to binary code you will go from working in base 16 to base 2 (zeros and ones). If you wish, we also have at your disposal the binary to hexadecimal converter to perform the reverse operation.

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Binary to hexadecimal

Binary to hexadecimal converter

Binary to hexadecimal conversion will no longer be a problem with our online converter. Remember that the binary system works in base 2 whose symbols are 0 and 1 while in the case of the hexadecimal system, the base is 16 and we have a wide range of symbols ranging from 0 to 9 and then from A to F.

In case you need to perform the reverse conversion, we have also developed a calculator for from hexadecimal to binary. And if what you want is a binary translatorIf you are interested, please visit the link that we have just left you.

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Decimal to hexadecimal

Decimal to hexadecimal converter

Do you know how to go from decimal to hexadecimal? While we use the decimal system by default, in some cases related to the computer world, it is essential to work with the decimal system. hexadecimal format in which we have a base 16, forcing us to make a conversion between the two systems.

Our decimal to hexadecimal converter will do that conversion for you, saving you all the calculations behind it. Of course, we also have the inverse converter available that will allow you to from hexadecimal to decimal.

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Binary Translator

Binary converter

Uses the binary converter to convert a number to decimal, octal, hexadecimal or even ASCII format. This is especially useful in subjects and jobs related to the world of computer science or mathematics, being necessary to work with multiple number systems.

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Decimal to octal online

Decimal to octal converter

Converter to transform any number decimal in octal. The difference between both number systems is that in decimal format we work with base 10 while in octal, we work with base 8 and that forces us to make a conversion to obtain the equivalent number.

With our decimal to octal calculator, You can save the calculations since you only need to enter the number in decimal format and press the calculate button to obtain its octal equivalent. We also have for you a octal to decimal converter in case you want to perform the reverse conversion.

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Online conversion from binary to decimal

Binary to Decimal Calculator

Binary to decimal it couldn't be easier with our online calculator. Simply enter the sequence of numbers in binary format, press the calculate button and you will get the equivalent in decimal format, the calculations performed to reach that result and its equivalent in hexadecimal format.

Convert binary to decimal is easier than ever before and, of course, we also have at your disposal a decimal to binary converter.

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