ASCII to binary

ASCII to binary converter

The ASCII code refers to a character code based on the Latin alphabet, using a total of 8 bits to represent each of these characters. If you would like to know the equivalence between a text with symbols included in the ASCII and binary code, use the converter below.

If what you need is a converter of binary to ASCII, do not hesitate to visit the link that you have just behind these words.

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Hexadecimal to binary

Hexadecimal to binary converter

Converts from hexadecimal to binary with ease thanks to our online converter. Remember that the hexadecimal system works with the range of symbols from 0 to 9 and then uses the first letters of the alphabet (range A-F) for the rest of the symbols that are missing until reaching the 16 that are used.

Transforming a hexadecimal to binary code you will go from working in base 16 to base 2 (zeros and ones). If you wish, we also have at your disposal the binary to hexadecimal converter to perform the reverse operation.

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Binary to hexadecimal

Binary to hexadecimal converter

Binary to hexadecimal conversion will no longer be a problem with our online converter. Remember that the binary system works in base 2 whose symbols are 0 and 1 while in the case of the hexadecimal system, the base is 16 and we have a wide range of symbols ranging from 0 to 9 and then from A to F.

In case you need to perform the reverse conversion, we have also developed a calculator for from hexadecimal to binary. And if what you want is a binary translatorIf you are interested, please visit the link that we have just left you.

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Decimal to hexadecimal

Decimal to hexadecimal converter

Do you know how to go from decimal to hexadecimal? While we use the decimal system by default, in some cases related to the computer world, it is essential to work with the decimal system. hexadecimal format in which we have a base 16, forcing us to make a conversion between the two systems.

Our decimal to hexadecimal converter will do that conversion for you, saving you all the calculations behind it. Of course, we also have the inverse converter available that will allow you to from hexadecimal to decimal.

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Binary Translator

Binary converter

Uses the binary converter to convert a number to decimal, octal, hexadecimal or even ASCII format. This is especially useful in subjects and jobs related to the world of computer science or mathematics, being necessary to work with multiple number systems.

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Online conversion from binary to decimal

Binary to Decimal Calculator

Binary to decimal it couldn't be easier with our online calculator. Simply enter the sequence of numbers in binary format, press the calculate button and you will get the equivalent in decimal format, the calculations performed to reach that result and its equivalent in hexadecimal format.

Convert binary to decimal is easier than ever before and, of course, we also have at your disposal a decimal to binary converter.

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Lumens to watts

Lumens to watts converter

Obtain the equivalence between lumens and watts is possible thanks to our online calculator. You simply have to specify the luminous intensity in lumens as well as its efficiency in lumens/watt. If you do not know the latter, you can select the type of light source you are going to use to know, approximately, its efficiency.

When you have all the data, click on the calculate button and you will get the power in watts that consumes that bulb that you are going to use.

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Lumens to millicandelas

Lumens to millicandela converter

Equivalence lumens to millicandelas

Manufacturers of LEDs and bulbs usually provide the luminous intensity of their products in lumens, candelas (cd) or millicandelas (mcd). For from lumens to millicandelas or vice versa, we have developed a pair of very simple converters that take into account the aperture angle of the light source.

It is important for you to know this last piece of information because, depending on it, the luminous intensity in millicandelas or lumens can vary quite a bit. 

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Lumens to lux

Lumens to lux converter

Transforms the luminous flux into lumens (lm) to lux (lx) thanks to our online light calculator. To do this, you must know the amount of light in lumens, the area of the area in square meters or, failing that, the spherical radius of the light source.

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Candelas a lux

Candela to Lux Converter

Change from candelas (cd) to lux (lx) easily with our online converter. Its operation is very simple and you only have to enter the luminous intensity in candelas (remember that 1 cd = 1000 mcd) and the distance to the light source (in meters or feet).

When you have the data filled in, press the Calculate button and you will automatically obtain the Lux equivalence.

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Candelas to lumens

Candela to lumens converter

Do you need from lumens to candelas or from candelas to lumens? Use our converters or formulas to calculate the equivalence between these two units of light intensity.

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HSV to RGB and hexadecimal

HSV to RGB and HEX converter

The HSV color model works with hue, saturation and brightness. If you need convert from HSV format to RGB or hexadecimal format or vice versa, our tools will help you.

If you prefer, we also have for you the reverse converter that will allow you to convert from RGB or hexadecimal to HSV, which you will find below.

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HSL to RGB and hexadecimal

HSL to RGB and HEX converter

The HSL color model defines parameters such as color hue, saturation and lightness. Below you will find a couple of tools for convert from HSL to RGB and hexadecimal.

Of course, we also have the RGB to HSL converter so that you can perform the inverse transformation, which you will find below.

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CMYK to RGB converter

Do you need to convert a color from CMYK to RGB or RGB to CMYK? Below you will find several converters as well as the formulas to switch from one color model to another manually.

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RGB to hexadecimal

RGB to Hexadecimal Converter

Do you need convert a color from RGB to hexadecimal or from hexadecimal to RGB? Use our converters to make the conversion.

Photo editors usually express colors in RGB but if you want to work with HTML, CSS or any other photo or video editing program, you might need the corresponding RGB to HEX converter or vice versa.

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From hours to seconds

Hours to seconds converter

Do you need from hours to seconds? We save you the calculation to avoid unnecessary multiplications that can always lead to errors. Simply, it is convenient that you know that one hour is equivalent to 3,600 seconds, so taking into account this data, we can convert seconds to hours or the opposite with a simple division or multiplication.

Our online converter of hours to seconds works very simply. All you have to do is enter the number of hours you want to convert to seconds and press the calculate button. It couldn't be simpler. Remember that if you want to perform the inverse operation, we also have a converter to convert from seconds to hours, minutes and seconds.

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From minutes to hours

Minute to hour converter

Convert from hours to minutes or vice versa is a very simple task but thanks to our online converter, you only have to select the type of conversion you want to perform, enter the time value and click on the calculate button.

Por ejemplo, puedes seleccionar la conversión de "minutes to hours", introducir un tiempo de 60 y comprobar por ti mismo que, como ya sabíamos, 60 minutos equivalen a una hora. A partir de aquí, ya puedes realizar todas las conversiones de tiempo que desees.

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HP to hp

HP to hp converter

Sometimes the power of a car can be expressed in horsepower, also known as HP or Horse Power. This unit differs slightly from the usual horsepower (hp) that we use more frequently, so with our HP to CV calculator you will be able to obtain the equivalence between both units.

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Knots at m/s

Knot to m/s converter

From knots to meters per second is very easy with our online converter. In case you didn't know, a knot is the unit used in the maritime sector to indicate the speed of navigation, so if you are not used to this terminology, you will surely like to know its correspondence in meters per second.

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Yards to meters

Yards to meters converter

In the United States it is quite common to hear about yards, a measure of length little used in Spain and of which you may not know its equivalence in meters. So that you keep it in mind for future calculations, 1 yard equals 0.9144 meters.

If you want to convert from yards to meters For any other figure, our online calculator will provide you with this conversion without the need to do any operations.

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Miles to meters

Mile to meter converter

Don't know how many meters a mile is? Thanks to our mile to meter converter you will be able to know the equivalence between both units of length.

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Centimeters to inches

Centimeter to inch converter

Do you have to from centimeters to inches? Don't worry. Thanks to our online cm to inches converter you can make as many calculations as you need. Just select the time of change you want to make, the amount and click on the calculate button.

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Inches to millimeters

Inch to millimeter converter

Change from inches to millimeters easily thanks to our online converter that allows you to obtain the equivalence between both units instantly and without calculations.

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Gallons to liters

Gallon to liter converter

Do you want to know cow many liters are in a gallon? Thanks to our online converter you will be able to know instantly the equivalence between the two volume units and work with them easily.

Although you can use our gallons to liters calculator To find out, one international gallon equals 3.7854118 liters.

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Light-years away

Light years to kilometers converter

A light year is a measure of distance that is used to refer to the length that light travels in a year, or in other words, a distance of 9,460,730,472,580.8 kilometers to be more exact. The number is huge and working with it can be tedious, which is why, our light years to kilometers converter will allow you to work with the transformation between both units.

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Feet to meters

Feet to meters converter

Change from feet to meters or the other way around is very easy with our online converter that will allow you to obtain the equivalence between these units of length. Do you know how many meters a foot is equivalent to? If the answer is no, don't worry.

Simply select the conversion you wish to perform in our converter, choosing between from meters to feet or vice versa, and then insert the length figure in the starting unit. After pressing the calculate button you will get the result you are looking for immediately.

And remember that if you need to perform the reverse conversion, from meters to feetYou can make use of the converter that we have left in the previous link.

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Conversion from miles to kilometers

Mile to kilometer converter

Convert from miles to kilometers or the other way around is very easy thanks to our online converter to convert from kilometers to miles and vice versa. Simply select the unit change you are interested in making, enter the length figure in its starting units, press the calculate button and you will automatically get the conversion.

Find out the equivalence between miles and kilometers is very easy thanks to our tool to convert miles to kilometers and vice versa.

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Inches to centimeters

Inch to centimeter converter

Interested in from inches to centimeters? Below you will find a calculator that will allow you to make this conversion online without any calculation. You just have to select the conversion of Inches to cm or the other way around if you wish, enter the length figure and click on the calculate button.

If what you need is to move from centimeters to inchesIn addition, we also have a dedicated converter to perform the reverse operation.

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Month to week converter

Month to week converter

If you want a months to weeks converterOur online tool will allow you to calculate the number of weeks in a given number of months and days.

This is especially useful when we want to know the number of weeks in a year or other particular cases. If you need to convert weeks to months, you will find a tool in the link below. And if you are pregnant, here you can calculate the months of pregnancy from the number of weeks of gestation.

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Change from kmh to mph

Kmh to Mph Converter

If you need go from Km/h to mph or vice versa, our online converter allows you to know immediately how much a speed is equivalent to in kilometers per hour if you want to convert it to miles.

The operation of the converter is very simple, you only have to select the change of units and enter the speed you want to convert. After pressing the calculate button, you will obtain your equivalence in the selected speed unit.

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