RGB colors

RGB colors

Do you need the color codes in RGB for your web or design work? Here are two useful tools that will allow you to obtain colors in RGB and other colors. color models instantly.

The first of the utilities is a RGB color picker which, just by clicking on the box, will show you a panel with all the shades for you to choose the one you need. The box also allows you to type the color directly in hexadecimal format to preview it.

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HSV to RGB and hexadecimal

HSV to RGB and HEX converter

The HSV color model works with hue, saturation and brightness. If you need convert from HSV format to RGB or hexadecimal format or vice versa, our tools will help you.

If you prefer, we also have for you the reverse converter that will allow you to convert from RGB or hexadecimal to HSV, which you will find below.

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HSL to RGB and hexadecimal

HSL to RGB and HEX converter

The HSL color model defines parameters such as color hue, saturation and lightness. Below you will find a couple of tools for convert from HSL to RGB and hexadecimal.

Of course, we also have the RGB to HSL converter so that you can perform the inverse transformation, which you will find below.

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CMYK to RGB converter

Do you need to convert a color from CMYK to RGB or RGB to CMYK? Below you will find several converters as well as the formulas to switch from one color model to another manually.

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RGB to hexadecimal

RGB to Hexadecimal Converter

Do you need convert a color from RGB to hexadecimal or from hexadecimal to RGB? Use our converters to make the conversion.

Photo editors usually express colors in RGB but if you want to work with HTML, CSS or any other photo or video editing program, you might need the corresponding RGB to HEX converter or vice versa.

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