Tire equivalence

When buying new wheels for your car, it is very important that you buy the same size that comes as standard, otherwise you will have to calculating the equivalence of tiresThe maximum tolerance of ± 3% is ± 3% as this is the maximum allowed in Spain.

If you want to find out if you can buy those new wheels for your car, use our tire equivalency calculator and get out of doubt right now:

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KW to HP

KW to HP converter

Do you want to from HP to KW or vice versa? With our converter of these power units you will be able to make the calculation immediately. You should know that the horsepower with which this calculator works are mechanics.

You only have to select the type of conversion you want to do (from KW to HP or horsepower to kilowatts), type the amount of power to convert and press the calculate button to obtain the result.

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KW to hp

CV to KW converter

Convert from KW to hp is something that we all may need at some point if we want to know the equivalence between these two units of power. It is not uncommon to look at pages of imported cars and see that the power of their engine is expressed in KW (KiloWatts) instead of the CV (horsepower) that we usually use.

Calculates the equivalence between KW and hp easily thanks to our online power converter and remember that if you are thinking about buying a car, you should consider whether it is more worthwhile to buy a diesel or gasoline

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Calculate average speed in a car

Average speed by car

Car journeys do not always go as expected. You've already calculated the distance between two points and you more or less know the time it will take you to arrive to your destination but unforeseen circumstances may arise.

If you experience a delay during your trip and you are curious about know at what average speed you have made your trip by car, with our online calculator you can easily find out. Just fill in the distance in kilometers of the route, the time you have taken from the starting point until you have reached the destination you wanted and click on the calculate button.

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Distance between two points

Distance between two points

If you need to know the distance between two pointsWith our calculator you will know exactly the kilometers that separate both points and the route that you must follow to go from the point of origin to the destination.

All you have to do is enter the starting place (from) and the destination place (to). It can be countries, cities, streets, whatever you want, but in case of streets, make sure you also provide the city they belong to or even the postal code. The more information you enter, the more accurate you will get in knowing the distance between two points.

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HP to hp

HP to hp converter

Sometimes the power of a car can be expressed in horsepower, also known as HP or Horse Power. This unit differs slightly from the usual horsepower (hp) that we use more frequently, so with our HP to CV calculator you will be able to obtain the equivalence between both units.

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Calculate gasoline

Calculate gasoline

Do you want to calculate fuel consumption of a trip in your car? No matter if it is a diesel or gasoline engine, with our online calculator you will be able to know how many liters of fuel you are going to spend and most importantly, how much money the gas is going to cost you on that trip.

This is an indicative result that may vary depending on the type of journey and the way you drive, so as you are the one who knows your car best, you will know the average number of liters of fuel consumed per 100 kilometers (if you do not know this data, below you will find another tool to calculate the real consumption of your car). Below you have the calculator for calculate the gasoline you are going to spend and the amount it will cost you:

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Diesel vs gasoline calculator

Diesel or gasoline

Diesel vs gasoline calculator

¿Diesel or gasoline? If you are thinking of buying a car and want to evaluate consumption as a determining factor to choose one engine or another, our calculator will help you to assess whether it is worth buying a diesel car versus a gasoline one.

To find out if is a diesel or a gasoline car betterThe online tool takes into account determining factors such as the price of the car, the price of fuel, the approximate kilometers you plan to drive per year and the time you plan to have the car in your property. With this data you will know if it is worth betting on the diesel or gasoline engine.

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