cm3 to liters, from cubic centimeters to liters

Convert from cubic centimeters to liters can become a complicated task if we do not remember the equivalence between these two units of volume. Fortunately, we have prepared for you a cm converter.3 to liters that will allow you to perform the transformation automatically.

You only have to write the amount of cubic centimeters you want to convert to liters and then click on the calculate button to obtain the result. If you want to perform the inverse operation, we also have a converter of liters to cm3.

How to pass cmto liters

cm3 to liters

Before learning how to convert cubic centimeters into liters, it is necessary to check that we remember the equivalence between the two:

1 cm = 0.001 liters = 1 ml

What does it remind you of? It does, one cubic centimeter equals one milliliter. Keep this for future conversions as it is much easier for us to work in milliliters, mainly out of habit.

Having the above concept very clear, we can easily convert any volume to liters. If you still don't know how, this is the mathematical formula that you must apply to make the conversion manually:

V(liters) = V(cm) × 0,001

By example,In this example, we are going to convert a volume of 250 cubic centimeters into liters using the previous expression:

V(liters) = V(cm) × 0.001 = 250 cm3 x 0.001 = 0.250 liters.

Remember that multiplying by 0.001 is the same as dividing by 1,000, so just move the decimal point three positions to the left.

How many liters is one cubic centimeter of water?

Both the liter and the cubic centimeter is a unit of volume, so that the nature of the liquid is irrelevant. By this we mean that there will be the same amount of liters in a cubic centimeter of water as in a cm3 of Coca-Cola.

In any case, the answer to this question has already been calculated a few lines above and we have seen that in one cm3 there are 0.001 liters.

Cubic centimeters to liters in Excel

You can also from cubic centimeters to liters using Excel. Microsoft's spreadsheet program can also be used as a unit converter so let's see what formula to use to go from cm3 to liters.

To do this, open a new sheet and in an empty cell type the following function:


With that formula we have told Excel to convert us to 1 cubic cm to litersThe result is 0,001 L.

If you want to convert any other quantity to liters, simply change the first number in the formula and put the one you want. For example, if we want to convert 500 cm3 to liters, the function in Excel will have to look like this:


Table of cmto liters

Below you have compiled a series of conversions in our table of cubic centimeters to liters to reinforce the concept and, if you wish, you can print the table to have it always at hand:

Cubic centimeters (cm3)Liters

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