Online centimeter to meter converter

From centimeters to meters online with our length unit converter. Just enter the number of cm you want to convert to meters and press the calculate button to know the equivalence instantly.

If you need to perform the reverse conversion, we also have at your disposal a meter to centimeter converter.

How to go from centimeters to meters

Centimeters to meters

Although you probably already know this, let's refresh your memory by recalling that 1 cm = 0.01 meters or, in other words, one meter is 100 centimeters. From this expression, it is easy to deduce a formula mathematics that facilitates the change of units by means of a simple division:

d(m) = d(cm) / 100

For example, if we want to pass 202 centimeters to meters:

d(m) = d(cm) / 100 = 202 cm / 100 = 2.02 meters

Remember that when dividing by powers of 10, we only have to move the decimal point to the left as many places as we have zeros. In our case, as we divide by 100, we move the decimal point two places.

Convert cm to m in Excel

With Excel you can convert from cm to m easily and without using formulas. Just type the following expression in a cell to create your own cm to meters converter:


With that formula, the length in centimeters that we write in the coordinate cell C3 will be automatically converted to meters. If you want to use a different cell, simply modify its position or, if you prefer, you can also type directly the length in cm that you want to convert to meters.

For example, if you want to from 100 cm to mIf you want to apply the conversion, you can enter the following formula in Excel to apply the conversion:


Easy, isn't it? The good thing about the first method is that it allows you to create your own cm to m converter using Excel.

Table of equivalence from cm to meters

The following table shows the conversion from centimeters to meters to cover the range of one meter in length:

Centimeters (cm)Meters (m)

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