Square root calculator

Calculates any square root thanks to our online calculator that will allow you to save operations and to know which is the number that, by squaring it, gives us the value of the radicand (the one inside the root).

Remember that square roots of a negative number cannot be computed since any number less than zero, if multiplied by itself, gives us a positive number.

What is a square root?

A square root of a number (x) is a mathematical operation such that there is a number (y) that when squared (multiplied by itself), gives us the initial number x as a result.

y2 = x

You are probably wondering why there are no roots of negative numbers. This is due to the rules of signs and is that any number multiplied by itself, will result in a positive number. This can be easily seen like this:

  • 2 x 2 = 4
  • -2 x -2 = 4

Due to the above, we will never be able to calculate the root of -4 because there is no number that, when squared, will give us a negative value.

Parts of a square root

Parts of the square root

The square root is composed of a series of identifying elements that are detailed below:

  • Radical: is the root symbolthe characteristic way to identify a square root. If you need to use it on your computer, you can copy it below: √
  • Index: is the number denoting the type of root. If it is square, the index is two. If we are going to solve a cube root, then the remainder is equal to three and so on. It is possible to calculate n-th root in which the number written in the index can be any natural number.
  • Radicand:is the number from which we want to obtain the root.
  • Root: is the result obtained after applying the square root.
  • Rest: would be the amount left over when doing the operation all the way to the end. In the case that the remainder is equal to zero, then it would be an exact square root.

How to make a square root in Excel

If you are going to use a spreadsheet program such as Excel to calculate the square root, you must use the following function or formula:


A1 being the coordinates of the cell where the number of which you want to obtain its square root.

Note that these coordinates have to be adapted to the coordinates you use in your Excel spreadsheet. When typing the formula in excel, the program itself will offer you the possibility to select with the mouse cursor the cell where the number is located.

If you have any doubts about how to perform the procedure, the video above shows you a practical example of how to calculate the square root of a number in excel.

How to solve a square root on the calculator

In addition to using our online square root calculatormaybe you've ever used a scientific calculator or even the one included with your cell phone to solve this operation.

Depending on the type of calculator, the square root is solved in one way or another, so here we explain how it is done in each case.

Making square root on a scientific calculator

In the case of Casio scientific calculators or other brands, there is usually a key on which appears the classic square root symbol, the radical we have mentioned in the previous point.

We simply have to click that button, type in the number for which we want to calculate its root and press the key with the equal sign. We will automatically obtain the result.

In some models you may have to type the number first and then click on the button with the square root symbol, it depends on the calculator you have.

Calculate square root in the calculator of the cell phone or computer

If you use the calculator on your cell phone or computer, sometimes there is no button represented with the radical. In these cases, there is usually a key with the acronym SQRT (Square Root).

In these cases, we type the number from which we want to calculate the root, press the SQRT button and that's it. Depending on the type of calculator, the order of this step may have to be reversed.

How does the online square root calculator work?

In case you still have any doubts about how to use our square root calculator, in the video that we have left in this section we give you several demonstrations so that you can see how to use it.

If you still have any questions or problems, leave us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Solved exercises on square roots

Here are some results of square roots for given numbers:

  • Square root of 2 = 1,41
  • Square root of 3 = 1,73
  • Square root of 0 = 0
  • Square root of 144 = 12

Square root symbol

Square root calculator

The square root symbol is called the radical.

Online cube root calculator

If you want to calculating the cube root of a number, we also have a mathematical tool for this purpose that you can consult by clicking on the link we have just left.

We hope that you have found the information provided here about the square root and how to solve it online but if you still have doubts, leave us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible. We would also be very grateful if you could share this page in your social networks and help us to keep growing, it only takes a few seconds. :)

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