Pokemon Go Calculator

Want to know what fighting power your Pokemon will have after evolving? With our Pokemon GO calculator you will be able to know the PC (or CP if you play in English) of your pokemon after evolving it to improve its capabilities.

Simply find your Pokemon in the list in the calculator, enter its current combat power and after pressing the Evolve button, you will know the name of the new creature and the new PC based on its multiplier.

What is combat power in a Pokemon?

Combat power of a Pokemon

When you start playing Pokémon Go you will notice that. the same creature can have different CP levelsso which one should you train? According to some fans of the game, it doesn't really matter since all Pokémon have a maximum combat power level that they cannot exceed.

Therefore, you can catch a Pokémon with a low combat level and evolve it. As you improve it, the game will show you how close that Pokémon is to reaching its maximum HP through the upper arc that surrounds it.

As you can already guess, the evolutions in Pokémon Go are a very important key factor since our success in conquering gyms in the game depends on it.

What is the Pokémon Go battle power calculator for?

The Pokémon Go calculator (also known as Pokémon Go calculator) will be very useful for you to know which of your Pokémon to evolve. Keep in mind that there are multiple versions of the same creature so from this tool, you may realize that a seemingly weaker Pokémon can transform into an evolved one that is much stronger than another.

Note that there may be Pokémon that are not in our calculator yet. That's because we haven't captured them and we don't have data on their multiplier after evolving them. If you see any missing Pokémon, please leave us a comment indicating the name of the Pokémon, its CP before evolving it and the new combat power after improving it.

For calculating evolution in Pokémon Go we use a database created by the users so there is Pokémon species that already have very reliable multiplier data. Others will be improved as the days go by.

And if in addition to playing Pokémon Go you also want to. stuffed animals, figurines or game accessories, do not hesitate to buy them at the best price. Everyone wants a toy or stuffed animal of their favorite Pokémon.

How to know where the best Pokémon are


Although it seems that the Pokémon come out randomly, the game leaves nothing to chance. Everything is statistically programmed in advance in such a way that we can even get to knowing where the pokémon are placed to capture them.

If you want to know the Pokémon around youtool, you only have to use the Poke Radar. Its operation is very simple so that when you access it, it geolocates you on the map and shows you the different types of Pokémon around you, although if you prefer, you can vary the area or even filter by the type of Pokémon you want to capture.

If you have a smartphone running Android, you can also install the APK of PokéMesh which is an application that also allows you to geolocates the Pokémon on a map.

No doubt about it, Poke Radar and PokéMesh are very useful applications that you can use together with our Pokémon Go calculator to know the PC evolution points of those you have already captured and intend to improve.

How far are the Pokémon from your position?

If you have used Poke Radar or PokéMesh to find out where a Pokémon is and you already know its exact position, you can use our distance calculator for to know the kilometers that separate you from him. Just type your current position, the Pokémon's position and you will automatically know the kilometers to reach it as well as the route to follow.

Pokémon Go cheats

Pokemon Go Calculator
Pokemon Go calculator screenshot

There are cheats for Pokémon Go that falsify the data collected by the game servers and in this way, make you believe that you are in the position of a creature when in fact you are not.

There are many Pokémon Go hacks that have come to light and although they work, we do not recommend you to use them as Niantic may end up banning your account and the truth, after the hours you have put into the game, it would be a shame to lose your player account.

Use the Pokémon Go calculator to find out the evolution points. is completely legal and does not entail any danger since you do not alter the functioning of the game at any time. It is simply an aid to know which Pokémon to evolve based on their PCs.

How to locate a Pokémon that appears on radar

Pokémon on radar

In one of the latest updates to Pokémon Go, a new feature has been added, which consists of a radar on which new Pokémon appear if we are within 200 meters of their position, although their location is not specified. How do we find them then?

For this purpose, there is a rudimentary trick but it's working to Pokémon Go players. To put us in situation, the field covered by the radar is a circle and the Pokémon is located right in its center, a point that we do not know.

What we have to do is that once the Pokémon Go radar shows us one in range, we walk to the front until it disappears from the radar. At that point we will be at point B in the image.

We note the position of point B, turn around and go back the way we came. The Pokémon will be back on the radar pBut we have to keep walking until it disappears again, at which point we will find ourselves at point C.

Now that we know the point C and point B, we have to try to to reach the midpoint of both (point D). When you are on it, turn 90º and start walking perpendicular with respect to the segment BC. By doing this two things can happen:

  • If you walk in the wrong direction, the Pokémon will disappear from the radar. In this case, you just have to turn around and walk the same way but in the opposite direction until you reach it and capture it.
  • You walk in the right direction, which will allow you to get the Pokémon on the radar.

Once you have it captured, you will be able to use our Pokémon calculator to see how their CPs or combat points will evolve.

List of Pokémon and their characteristics

Pokemon Go

Below you will find a list of the 151 Pokémon from Pokémon Go and its main attributes. Note that the values shown refer to the maximum level of that Pokémon and a level 40 trainer.

Among the most important data that appear in the table, you can see the following Maximum PC evolution your Pokémon can reach depending on its species.

NamePC MaxHP MaxStamina baseBase attackBase defenseType 1Type 2Capture rateFlight rateAttack timesClassCandies to evolve
Mr. Mime13456980154196PsychicFairy0.240.0914Normal0

98 thoughts on “Calculadora de Pokemon Go”

  1. In the list that you have elaborated it says that magneton has a maximum pc of 1715 but it does not give me more option of 500, how to do it?

    • Hi Drak, note that those values are for the maximum PC of the pokemon and with a level 40 trainer.

      Therefore, quantities may vary.

      Best regards!

    • Hello Drak,

      It is advisable to level up your trainer because that will make the Pokémon you hunt have more combat points, be better, rarer or all these characteristics at the same time.

      You must level up your trainer to be able to upgrade your Magneton. If you don't, let's say the game interprets that your trainer is not strong enough to control a more powerful Pokemon.


  2. Hi, to max PC a pokemon, do you have to max the pokemon in its previous evolutions, or can you max it in its last evolution?
    For example, can I evolve a Bulbasaur to Ivysaur and then Ivysaur to Venosaur with low CP power and then give Ivysaur candy until it reaches 2392 CP or do I have to take the Bulbasaur to the maximum before evolving it and then the same with the Ivysaur so that the Venosaur gets its maximum possible CP?

    • Hello BrujoSiKaRiO, you can do what you say but it is more advisable that you improve him from the beginning so that when he evolves, his multiplier also helps you to have more combat points when you evolve him.

      You will have less trouble getting him to his maximum level in this way.

    • But I have seen that in the first level they give you about 8 points, in the second 15 and in the third or last evolution 22 points per candy. Is it still better to do it before evolving?
      Best regards!

    • when a pokemon evolves its pc increases a lot and that's why you will need more additional pc to reach its maximum pc level... when a pokemon is unevolved you fill the maximum pc with less candies and stardust... and when it evolves it will be at the top level.
      for example I evolved a magikarp of 99 pc and I got a gyarados of 1050 pc... I had to give it more power 15 times to reach 1630 pc which was the maximum... but if I increased the power of the Magikarp I would have increased it only 8 times and I would have the same result.

  3. Well, I only have one suggestion: you don't say "Pokemons", the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon, it comes from Pocket Monsters.

    • According to the RAE the plurar le pokemon is pokémones


    • With all due respect (and as a philology student) the RAE admits a lot of stupidities. It makes more sense the argument of the origin of the word, even if it is accepted by the standard "pokémones".

    • It may taste like soap, but it is cheese, it may be stupid, but the RAE is the one who admits or not the words, and if the RAE admits that the plural is pokemones, it will be pokemones.
      I do not believe that logic is used to translate from English to Spanish or vice versa, in fact when you translate it lacks Spanish logic at least.

      outspoken (speaking outspokenly) outspoken

      have on the tip of your tongue have on the tip of your tongue

    • I am as much in disagreement of the acceptance of Pokémon as I am of Twitter to Tuiter.

      They are breaking the rule that "proper nouns are not translated".

  4. hello, two questions, how can you know what points will have the legendary pokemon if they have not yet come out, and the question you were asked about whether it is better to raise a pokemon without evolving and when we have it to the maximum evolve it or evolve it first and then raise it, I think the second option is the best but I'm not entirely sure, thank you very much.

    • one more thing, how to know if a pokemon is worth to start uploading, I mean, I realized that not all zubats, for example, have the same stats, how to select the best or know which is the one that you can upload, thank you very much.

    • Not all Pokémon are the same even if they are of the same species. Each one has its combat points which is the average of its defense, attack and stamina stats. If you raise your trainer level, the Pokémon you catch become stronger and rarer (or both).

      Luck also plays a role, as you may find yourself in the right place at the right time and get a Pokémon that is the strongest of its species. Anyway, even though there are differences, they all share the maximum combat point cap so if you evolve them to their maximum, they will be equalized.

    • This is not the case, you can vary your top statistics by up to 500 pc as in the case of dragonair which can be 3064 instead of 3500.

    • Hello BigTor,

      The points of the Legendary Pokemon are data that are in the game, just as you can know the location of the Pokémon, the time they will be available, etc.. We have extracted this table from another website and we have translated it into Spanish so that all Spanish speakers can understand it, but if any data is wrong, it will be corrected in the future.

      I am in favor of raising the pokémon and then evolving it because it will have more combat points. The game just applies a multiplication factor to get the final CPs.

      Let's take an example: if the multiplication factor is 1.5x, you will get more CP by evolving a 250pc pokémon before a 180pc pokémon.

      I may be wrong and my strategy is not the right one, but I am doing it this way, without forgetting to improve my level as a trainer, since it is also vital to be able to use high CP Pokémon.

    • Thank you very much.
      How can I know where are the locations of each pokemon? and how can I know where to find the stats breakdown, like defense, stamina, etc. Merci

    • Hello,

      The statistics of each Pokémon can be found in the calculator table.

      As for the location, here you have more info:



    • I am referring to the ones I have, I can only see the pc, but I can't see the breakdown, except for life, as each one of the same type has differences.

    • Ah ok, I didn't understand you. The Pokémon's statistics are not shown in the game, but they are data that are known by other means.


    • Thanks for the table, if you update it, will you quote me or send me an email?

      I just saved it in an excel file to use the filters.

    • Forgive me for quoting you again;
      I came here looking for a calculator that would let me know how much stardust and candy I would need to use if I wanted to raise a Pokémon "X" from "X" PC to "X" PC.

      For example; Snorlax from 1000 PC to 2000 PC how many candies and powders would you need?
      This would be very useful to know if I can leave a Pokémon of maximum level (according to lv trainer), and if it is worth to raise that one or another.

  5. A Spanish community for the game has already been created, for those who are interested:


  6. A small doubt. If I evolve a Wartortle to 727 and I get a Blastoise to 1050 (more or less), the maximum power is still possible to reach, right? I'll just spend more stardust and candy, but I'll be able to raise it. That's my doubt.

  7. Hello, I have a question.

    Currently I have two Growlithe of 378 and 270 PC and I can evolve one of them. According to the calculator, the strongest one will have a PC of more than 800, and I like it. The problem is that its attacks are Bite (6) and Fire Wheel (35), and the weaker one: Embers (10) and Flamethrower (50). When evolving one of them, do its attacks remain the same or does it learn a new special one or something? Is it advisable to evolve the strongest one already or is it better to strengthen the weakest one to have better attacks and then evolve it?

    P.S. The doubt came to me when I evolved a Rattata to Raticate and realized that it had learned Hyper Lightning.

    • Hello Elxilice,

      I can't tell you if your Pokémon will keep its attacks when it evolves since, as you said, sometimes its abilities also improve and its attacks become an evolution of the ones it had before. In principle, if it evolves and has enough PCs, new attacks could be added to the ones it already has but I can't confirm if that will happen in your case.

      Let's see if someone with a case similar to yours can shed some light on the evolution of Growlithe.


    • I have already clarified it. In the end I found another Growlithe with 300 and some with Ascuas and Flamethrower and when I evolved it with 734 HP it has Igneous Fang and Terratemblor. So you have to evolve those with higher CP and be lucky that the attacks it learns are powerful.

      Greetings and thanks for everything!

  8. In my experience I think it is better to evolve first and then spend stardust precisely because the pokemon change skills when evolving, it is not worth spending on raising the pc of a pokemon that has a main skill of 3 or a secondary skill of 20.

    • I think the best way to be the best is to catch and catch, with the goal of raising the trainer level, then you will see that stronger Pokemon are appearing, and so you will replace the ones you have.

  9. I can not see the evolution of eevee the amount of combat points someone can clarify me how many points would give me to evolve him? Thanks

  10. So any pokémon can reach the pc of this list, obviously with level 40, right?

    And another thing, I had heard that it is better to evolve and raise p , instead of raising it and willing to evolve. And good logic because a zubat when using the stardust the candies goes up between 8 and 10 pc, instead already evolved it goes up between 19 and 24. Taking into account that the power bar does not move when evolving, isn't it better to evolve so that the pc goes up more?

    • And another thing, I had heard that it is better to evolve and raise pc, instead of raising it and then evolve. And it sounds logical because a zubat when using stardust and candies raises between 8 and 10 pc, on the other hand already evolved it raises between 19 and 24. Taking into account that the power bar doesn't move when evolving, isn't it better to evolve so that the pc raises more?

    • It's true that it goes up more each time, but it will also cost more stardust. Also, if you raise the pc before evolving you multiply their stats. In short, to train a pkmn you can give it candy and then evolve or evolve and then give it candy. Both ways you can get the same result but the first one costs much less stardust.

  11. I got meowth, his attack is scratch 10 of normal type and umbrian pulse 45 of sinister type. pc 82, ps24 hehehehe.

  12. doubt, with pokemon that have no evolution how do you know which one will be better? and why do you know the stats of your pokemon?
    thanks in advance

  13. Please, a question that I think is important and no one has been able to answer me:
    What exactly are "attack times"?
    There seems to be a big difference from one Pokémon to another, but no one explains anywhere what they are or how they influence when battling. Thanks in advance, and good work!

    • Hello,
      I have analyzed a lot the variety of pokemon of the same species, that is to say, only Rattatas or meowth, what I have seen that with the same bar of stardust some have more CP than others. and I think that weight and size influence, but also in the formula must be included the level of the trainer, as they have said, one can not control a pokemon with 2800 CP and be of lv8, or lv9, it is not logical.

  14. Thanks for this tool, like many I also had the doubt to raise the CP before evolving it, although having only level 9 I do not know if it is better to wait to be able to climb later or go farmeando. For now I'm raising the cp to the strongest basics and the rest I transfer or evolve them as they are to gain the xp they give (with pidgey that are easy to evolve).

  15. I have a question, if I have a pokemon for example a polywag improved to the top (I no longer get the option to give more dust) as I level up as a trainer I can improve it more or it will stay with the cp q has and no longer give me the option to improve it? Thanks :)

  16. Hello friend, you have published a very interesting list but I have noticed that you put that gyarados does not reach 1500 maximum PC, and I have seen some gyarados of 1500 and a bit.

  17. WTF why is jolteon weaker than his brothers?..this doesn't make sense. I demand explanation. Also why the heck Dragonite is the most op. so if i want to be the best, i should just go hunt pure Dragonite and have like 10 of them and take over all the gym... no shit... then everyone would go hunt pure dragonites even though they are rare.

  18. kofing is not in the calculator of the list, it is that I have it at 920 and I want to know the pc of its evolution, Thank you.

  19. Hello I have searched in several sites how many cp increases each pokemon when you give the option to give more, for example if I want to increase the cp of my kabuto before evolving it, how can I know how much cp increases each time I give him more power?

  20. Hello, first of all thank you very much for the calculator and the table. What a great job!
    I have a doubt. I have captured a Growlithe with 286 pc, and also an Arcanine (Growlithe evolution) with 39 pc. Is it better to give pc and evolve the Growlithe or focus on the Arcanine even if it has less pc?
    Thank you!

  21. Hello, I have a question regarding the pc of the pokemon, I would like to know if it is more beneficial to give candy to the pokemon before or after evolving, because normally when you evolve a pokemon when you give candy to the pokemon they gain more pc than if they are not evolved, but if you give the candy before they evolve these pc that the pokemon gain then they will be subjected to the evolution multiplier.
    Thanks in advance and very good job ;)

  22. Hello, for example I have a Squirtle of 380, I want to evolve and it says that it will go to 798, I would like to know if there is room for change or it is certain that it will go out like that.

  23. Hello, I would like to know if anyone has noticed which pokémon is more advisable to evolve from all of them or which one you prefer to transfer. I explain by means of an example, if you have 10 Goldeen which of them you transfer and which of them you leave for a possible evolution?

    Only PC and PS should be taken into account?

    Does anyone take into account Weight and Height?

    Is it better to evolve to larger (XL) or stronger (XL)?


  24. Hello, I wanted to know how the weight and height of the pokemon influence in any way, I have a growlithe, one of 14kilos and 0.5m and another of 16kilos and 0.69m ...or is it the same?

  25. My 379 PC Pidgey (with those PCs I found it) evolved into a 704 PC Pidgeotto, which in turn evolved into a 1229 PC Pidgeotto.

  26. I consulted with how much PC my Meowth would come out with when evolving and the calculator came up with "539", but at the time of evolving, my Persian came out with 623 .___.

    What other factors influence PCs as they evolve?

    • They remain at the level they are at.
      What will happen is that better pokes will appear for your new level.

    • I also have a doubt. I have enough candies to evolve an Eevee, but it has a cp of 200 and according to the bar above, no matter how many candies I give it, it won't reach more than 400. Should I spend the Eevee candies to evolve that one or should I save them for when I get an Eevee with more cp (which I imagine will happen when I raise my trainer level) and evolve that one?

  27. hello, I have a doubt, I have caught a hitmonchan that according to the iv's calculator has 91/100, I want to know if I have the opportunity to catch a pokemon that is not evolved but has good iv's for example an ekans, because of the 40 that I have the best has 66/100 and I do not know whether to evolve that one or wait to catch a better one.

  28. Hello coaches!

    Do you have any application or page that tells me the ivs and complete stats of the pokes that I capture? It would be good for me to know which one to transfer and which one to keep, because as I have learned in this guide, not always the pokes with the highest pc are the ones that are going to be the closest to their maximum possible.

  29. It is a pity that many pokemon of first evolution are so weak, for example pikachu, many people like this one because of the series but it will not be good to have it in the team because it is very weak like the initial ones, hopefully this will be fixed in the next updates.

    • A trainer can gain experience in different ways. Levels are directly related to experience points, i.e. if you achieve 1000 XP, you will finish that level and go to level two. Then, 2000 XP later, you will move to level three, which requires 3000 XP before you can reach level four. And so on and so forth.

      100 XP - Pokémon caught
      500 XP - New Pokémon
      10 XP - Curve ball
      10 XP - Good launch
      50 XP - Great launch
      100 XP - Excellent launch
      50 XP - Register at a PokéStop
      100 XP - Face a Pokémon trainer in a Gym
      150 XP - Defeat a Pokémon trainer in a Gym
      50 XP - Beat a Pokémon in gym training
      200 XP - Hatch a Pokémon
      500 XP - Evolve a Pokémon


  30. Hello, I have a question! I have an Abra of PC 90, yes (too low), I calculated his IV points and I get that it is 100% (Attack and defense 100% / Stamina 100%). What should I do? Wait to level up more (I'm 11), and continue hunting Abra with higher CP, or gather the Abra to evolve and give more power to it? I ask because according to my brother, he tells me that as I have a low CP level (90), it won't help me, and I always give more importance to the IV points, which is where the perfection of the Pokemon is shown, so I'm not sure what is more important, if the CP or the IV. Thank you very much! Very good page.

  31. Hello

    Excellent content and perfect comments for feedback and insight.
    One question, S I have a Pidgey and a Pidgeotto and I transfer my Pidgeotto to evolve my Pidgey and gain more experience, is the Pidgeotto taken as new to register in the pokedex and give me even more experience? I plan to use a lucky egg to evolve several.

    Thank you.

    • No. Even if you don't have poquemons of a type, you will only get the bonus when you get a poquemon for the first time.

      If you are going to use an egg, I recommend that you try to have at least 60 poquemons ready to evolve in order to make its use useful.

  32. When an unevolved pokemon is brought to its maximum CP and then evolved, by the process of evolution it makes its CP increase. Is it possible to increase its CP again to make a new evolution, or by having taken its CP to the maximum in its initial state, it will not give the option to increase it again?

    • The maximum CP bar of a Pokemon varies according to your trainer level. If it is at maximum and you level up, you will see how it allows you to increase its CP even more.

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