Aquarium liter calculator

Do you want to to know the liters of water entering your aquarium? To make this calculation you only need to know the dimensions of the aquarium. Knowing the height, width and depth, we can calculate automatically and very accurately the amount of liters of water needed to fill an aquarium.

Why is it important to know how many liters my aquarium has?

Depending on the type of fish we have in the aquarium, we will need to use certain products that help care for our marine ecosystem. As you can imagine, these products are added in a proportion that is related to the quantity of water that the aquarium has, so it is important to know the number of liters in the aquarium.

If we exceed the proportion indicated by the manufacturer, we can endangering the lives of our fish and plants and if we fall short, the effect of the product will be insufficient.

As always, when in doubt, the best thing to do is to approach the specialized store and ask them directly as they are the ones who can best advise you in personalized cases.

How do you calculate the number of liters in an aquarium?

Calculate liters of an aquarium

Aquariums usually have rectangular prism shape so we only need to know the height, width and length measurements to calculate the number of liters that fit inside, that is, its volume.

Once we have measured our aquarium, multiply the three lengths and as a result, we will obtain a figure whose unit will be cubic centimeters (cm3). As we are not familiar with it, what we do is a calculation for from cubic centimeters to literswhich is what we are really interested in.

As you can see, the process is frankly simple and does not involve any difficulty, but if you want to save time, it is better to use our tool that will facilitate your work and also avoid possible errors in the calculations.

Can I calculate the liters of a fish tank in the same way?

It depends. If your tank has the shape of a cube or rectangular prismYou can calculate its capacity in liters using the same method we propose here. Simply enter the measurements of your fish tank and click the calculate button to find out how many liters it has.

If the fish tank has any other shape, leave us a comment telling us the approximate measurements of the tank and what it looks like so we can help you.

How the tool to calculate the liters of an aquarium works

In case you still have any doubts about how to calculate the liters of your aquariumIn the video we have recorded you can see how our calculator works with a couple of examples.

As you can see, its operation is very simple and in just a few seconds you will be able to really know the capacity in liters of your aquarium or fish tank.

Accessories to improve your aquarium


If you have an aquarium and want to buy accessories to help you to improve the care of your fish, in this website you will be able to buy the best aquarium accessories.

With these extras, you will make your aquarium become a decorative element that will amaze your guests. You can achieve true works of art, although it is logical, the more elements our aquarium has, the more maintenance it will need to have to keep it clean. The key is to find a balanced relationship that does not force us to be aware of the aquarium several times a day.

Obviously, aquarium care depends largely on the type of fish we have so if you still do not have much idea, the best thing to do is to inform yourself of the pros and cons of each species as some are really delicate and if they do not receive proper treatment, they usually die quickly.

8 thoughts on “Calculadora litros de un acuario”

  1. hello, we want to buy a panoramic fish tank with 3 sides, the corner is 90 degrees, the two sides are 60, the front panoramic (I think) measures 84.85 and height 60, could you help us to know the liters?
    thank you very much

    • Hi Adriana, could you send us a photo or a link where we can see the shape of the aquarium? Just to make sure.


  2. Ola good morning I would like to know the capacity of my aquarium is corner the measures are 76 cm x 76 cm those are the sides of front has 107 cm and height 70 cm

    • Hello David,

      If you send us a photo with the shape of the aquarium and the measures placed in the photo we will try to calculate the liters of your aquarium.

    • Hello Abigail,

      I understand that if you only give us that measurement is that your fish tank is cube-shaped and measures 25 cm in height, width and depth.

      In this case, the aquarium capacity is 15.63 liters.


  3. My fish tank is very small but I would like to know the capacity in liters because the fish I have need a lot of space.

    • Hello Norelis,

      If you do not tell us the dimensions of your tank we cannot help you to calculate its capacity.


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