Calculate bra size

Chart to calculate bra size

Do you want to calculate your bra size? With our online calculator you can do it by just entering a couple of measurements of your body and thanks to which you will know, once and for all, which bra size you need.

For know what bra size you needTake a tape measure that can be adjusted to your body contour and take the following measurements:

  • Measure AThe size of your chest exactly at the level of your nipples.
  • Measure BThe body contour in centimeters just below the chest.

Enter the result in the bra size calculator and you will automatically know the size you need. 

How to know your bra size

For know the bra size you needIf you are not sure, you should take the two measurements of your body that we have mentioned above.

Below you have a bra size chart used by manufacturers based on A and B measurements.


Notice that the measurements of contour A are in the first row while those of contour B are in the first column. By matching the value of A with the value of B, they will intersect at a point that will be talla bra that best fits your measurements. 

If you are not sure how the table works, the best thing to do is to use our calculator and you will automatically get the same result.

As an additional tip, it is recommended that take your bust measurements on days when you are not having your period since during menstruation, we increase slightly in size. Of course, we must have our clothes off when measuring our chest circumference.

Understanding Bra Sizes

Bra size converter

If you look closely, you will see that the size of your bra is composed of a number and a letter.

  • The number specifies your chest circumference.
  • The letter refers to the type of cup that holds a woman's breast.

As we reduce the breast contour (the numbers), the cup size is also reduced, with the letter A being the minimum possible value and D the maximum (they go in alphabetical order).

It should be noted that the contour figure may vary from one country to another. to another. In these cases, it is best to calculate the equivalence of bra sizes using the tool you have in the next point.

Calculate bra size equivalencies

Bra size equivalence

If you already know how to know your bra size, you may now need a bra size calculator to help you figure out your bra size. to obtain the size equivalence of this intimate garment in different countries.

Normally, on the bra label you will find the different sizes for each bra, but if you want to know the sizes of your bra, you can find them on the label. fastener equivalenciesour tool will help you find out.

Table of bra size equivalences

You know that the bra size consists of two parts. One is composed of numbers and the other of a letter indicating the type of cup to be used.

The cup is constant for the different countries but the contour, ie, the numerical part, varies according to the territory as you can see in this table:

ESP, FRA, PRO7580859095100105
EUR, JAP60657075808590
UK, USA, MEX28303234363840

What is the difference between a b cup and a c cup bra?

Chart to calculate bra size

It is imperative that when calculating bra size, choose the right cup for you.

As we have said before, the bra cup is denoted by a letter (A, B, C y D,...). Para calcular la copa adecuada, tendremos que:

  1. Take the measurement of our breast at the level of the nipples and with the bra on so that the measurement is as real as possible.
  2. Measure the contour of the torso.
  3. The difference between the chest measurement and the lathe measurement will give us the cup we need. Below is a summary of the type of cup to choose in your bra:
  • Cup A: the difference is less than 14 cm.
  • Cup B: the difference ranges from 14 to 15 cm.
  • C cup: there is a difference ranging from 16 to 17 cm.
  • Cup D: the difference is between 18 and 19 centimeters.
  • Cup E: there is a difference of 20 to 21 centimeters.
  • ... así sucesivamente para el resto de copas disponibles.

For example, if we have a chest circumference of 88 centimeters and a torso of 70 centimeters, the cup will be calculated as follows:

88 cm - 70 cm = 18 cm

Therefore, we will need a D cup

Take the correct choice of bra size very seriously. because even if it is fastened, wearing an inappropriate cup can cause injuries such as microtraumas that cause pain in the breasts.

Average bra size in Spain

Average bra size in Spain

What is the average bra size in Spain? According to a study by Target Map, women in Spain use a B cup more frequently.

Tips when buying a bra

If you are planning to buy a new bra, you should make sure that it is not too tight or too loose. Normally, all bras have a fastener that allows you to adjust the tightening in three different positionsThe central one is the one we should test when we buy it, the other two are for making adjustments over time if necessary.

Another important detail is that the bra should never be above our chest line..

Finally, as you probably already know, the size of our breasts varies with the passing of the years so it is advisable to check it from time to time to see if you have the same one or if it has changed.

Therefore, it is not easy to answer the question of chat is the ideal bra size since there are many variables that influence whether it fits us better or worse and although a priori it may seem that a size is right for us, the truth is that until we try on the bra we will not know for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Calcular la talla de sujetador”

  1. But if each brand has its own sizing, you can have a large 95 B in one brand and in another you can easily have a small size. The Unno for example usually come small and Triumph large.
    This is the problem

    • Hello,

      The fact that each brand has its own bra size is a problem of the brand, not the size.

      That is, it is as if size A equals 10 centimeters and a brand comes along and says that it is not, that it equals 12. The problem is not the centimeters or the size, it is the brand that does not conform to the standard size in each country.


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