Calculate underpants size

Do you need help to know your underpants size Or calculate the equivalence between different countries? With our online converter you can get the size of this underwear for men in different nomenclatures and in centimeters, so that just by measuring the perimeter of your waist or hip you know the size of underpants you should buy.

Buying underwear is always complicated but if we have doubts about the sizes, it can become a hell. We hope we can help you with our men's underpants size converter.

Men's underpants online

Calculate underpants sizes

If you are thinking about buy men's boxer shorts, here you will discover the best offers on this garment masculina. Las mejores marcas a precios inmejorables para que puedas hacerte con calzoncillos de firmas como Unno, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Levi's, Emporio Armani, Abanderado y muchas otras.

Types of underpants

When buying underpants on the Internet, it is very important that you are clear about the type of underwear that is most comfortable for you. There are many models available and choosing the wrong one can make us feel uncomfortable, with all that this entails for our parts.

Among the types of men's briefs, you will find these:

  • Boxersshorts: they are a kind of shorts but made as underpants. They usually include a fly and are slightly loose fitting, so they are very comfortable, except when practicing sports.
  • Tight-fitting boxer shortsis exactly the same as the previous one (they are slightly below the knee) but they fit close to our body. It is important to choose quality products because a bad stitching or an unpleasant fabric can cause unpleasant discomfort while wearing it.
  • Slipsis the most classic model and leaves the legs completely bare, covering only the noble parts and the buttocks.
  • Thongfor the more daring, thongs take the design of briefs to the extreme by exposing the male buttocks.

In today's market also there are variants of these underpants models but it's the smallest details that make the difference. Undoubtedly, these are the four most important and most abundant types in underwear stores.

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