Calculate TV size

On this page you can calculate TV dimensions in centimeters and inches as well as the right size you need to place it in your living room furniture and know how much it occupies more or less, adapting its diagonal to the viewing distance so that you do not get a small model but do not overdo it now that 50-inch or larger TVs are so fashionable.

Below you will find a calculator to find out the measurements of a television from its inches. You only have to type this data and click on the calculate button to pass the inches of a tv to centimeters automatically. 

Television inches to centimeters

The calculator we have developed shows you the size in centimeters of the television panel from its inchesWhat does this mean? Basically, the results do not include the frames of the television or the size of its base, since, depending on the manufacturer, this figure changes for each model.

Today's Smart TVs tend to be increasingly thinner and frameless, so in these cases, the results are quite close to the actual dimensions of the TV, however, to know the actual dimensions of the TV, we need to know the exact measurements of a television model you will have to access the manufacturer's website.

Another important detail you should know is that this calculator is only valid for flat TVs with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. The 99% of the current models on the market are of this type since the 4:3 format has fallen into disuse and it is the panoramic format that we now have in televisions, computers, many tablets, mobiles, etc.

The importance of knowing the measurements of a television in centimeters

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Many times, we mistakenly place televisions in very tight places, something that can directly affect the television or even cause more serious problems due to overheating.

Like any electronic device, una tele desprende calor cuando está encendida y necesita "respirar" to prevent it from overheating. To avoid problems, it is best to leave a few centimeters of separation with the wall and the sides of the furniture where you are going to place it.

That's why, thanks to our calculator, you will be able to know how big is a TV of any number of inches in centimeters and to estimate more or less what is the maximum size that admits the place where you are going to place the TV.

As you can see, calculate the inches of the TV is very important since it is normal that we never stop to think about the size that should have our TV or if the TV we want is big or small for the distance at which we are going to see it.

Keep in mind that you are not going to be changing TVs every year. Many users have established a cycle of renewal of its television every four yearsThe new TVs will be available at the same time as the World Cup or the Olympic Games, two of the most important sporting events, when there are usually very good offers on high-end TVs.

If you are planning to buy a new Smart TV, don't miss the opportunity to calculate inches of your new TV.

How to measure the inches of a television

For calculate the size of a TV in centimeters We only have to take a meter or tape measure and measure the diagonal, from corner to corner, without taking into account the plastic frames that usually have around.

To find out how to measure TV inches we can also simply pose the problem from a geometrical point of view.

The diagonal of the television is measured in inches and 1 inch equals 2.54 centimeters (you can from inches to centimeters here).

If you trace the diagonal from corner to corner, you will see that the television panel is made up of two exactly equal right triangles, so that from the Pythagorean TheoremWe can establish a relationship to calculate how long the legs are. How? Remember that we have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

16:9 ratio

With the result obtained, we can now know how tall the television will be (short side) and how wide it is (long side).

Fortunately, our TV size calculator in centimeters saves you all these mathematical calculations.

How to know the inches of a TV

Calculate TV inches

If you have a television at home and you don't know how many inches it isAll you have to do is find a meter and measure its diagonal. That is the most effective method to measure the inches of a TV.

Once you have the value of its diagonal in centimeters, we simply need to divide length by 2.54 and we will know how many inches it is.

For example, I have measured one of the TVs in my house and I got a diagonal of approximately 81 centimeters. For know your incheswe make the calculation that we have just told you and we have that:

Inches = 81 cm / 2.54 = 31.89 in.

Since there are no televisions of that size, we round to the nearest unit and see that the television is 32 inches.

If you are not convinced by the result obtained, another way to know how long your TV is, is to look at the model it is. This can be found on the back of the Smart TV.

When you have the reference, go to Google, search for the model and you will get all its features including the inches it has.

Dimensions 40 inch TV

Dimensions TV 40 inches

Now that we know the theory, we can easily calculate the measurements of any television.

For example, we will calculate the dimensions of a 40 inch TVs to know if it fits inside the furniture in which we are going to place it. To avoid theoretical explanations, we will go directly to the formula that will allow us to calculate the size of a TV:

Height = 1.245 x inches = 1.245 x 40 = 49.8 cm (18.8 in.)

Width = 2.21375 x inches = 88.55 cm (88.55 in.)

Therefore, our 40-inch TV measures 49.8 cm x 88.55 cm (49.8 in. x 88.55 cm) only the panel. To this, several centimeters must be added on each side as a frame.

Of course, this calculation can be extrapolated to any screen size.

Calculate TV inches to centimeters

Below you will find a table showing the dimensions of televisions of different inches in centimeters so that you can more accurately assess the differences between one size and another:

TV InchesHeight (cm)Width (cm)

When buying a television, it is common to choose the model that offers the most inches without stopping to think about whether its screen diagonal will be suitable for the distance at which we are going to watch TV.

With our online calculator, you can calculate the size of your future Smart TV based on viewing distance and panel resolution, i.e. HD (720p), Full HD (1080p) or even UHD (2160p).

The importance of choosing the right size of your TV

Optimal TV size

It is true that the rules have changed and no longer follow the same patterns as with the old CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions. New LCDs allow for much shorter viewing distances with larger sizes, allowing us to appreciate in detail the resolution they offer.

Obviously, we have to to have a trade-off between television quality and distance to which we are going to place ourselves since several situations may occur:

  • If we buy a very large television, the image can become very pixelated (especially with DTT) and this will have a negative impact on the image quality.
  • If we buy a very small TV, we run the risk of not being able to enjoy the quality provided by the new Full HD and UltraHD panels.

Comparison of TV sizes

Therefore, we need to strike a balance between the two in order to to get the best TV viewing experience. If you want to know more about the pixel density per inchWe explain what it consists of in the link above.

Thanks to our calculator, you will be able to know the size in inches that best suits your needs. However, keep in mind that our tool may offer you TV sizes that do not exist in the market so you will have to go to the model immediately above or below that is offered at any time.

For example, imagine that the most suitable size for your living room TV is 49 inches. Considering that there are no TV models with that diagonal, you will have to resort to one of 50 inches.

What is Smart TV?

TV Inch Calculator

A Smart TV is a smart TV to which you can even install applications to enjoy services like Samsung MoviesSpotify, Netflix, YouTube and other online video or audio streaming services.

The latest 4k tvs with HDR and other technologies even come with a ported version of Android, giving you access to Google Play and its ecosystem of thousands of applications and games. With this type of televisions, entertainment reaches new heights never seen before and all this without needing any extra complement.

Just take the TV out of the box, plug it in, connect it to your WiFi network and you're ready to go. If you want to buy a Smart TV at the best price, here you will find offers from all manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.) so that you can select the one you like best and in the size provided by our tool.

Convert TV to Smart TV

Is it possible to convert a traditional TV into a Smart TV? If your TV is not a smart TV you can turn it into a Smart TV with one of these complements.

These are devices with an Android heart that connect to your TV through the HDMI port and control them through a Bluetooth keyboard and other compatible remote controls so that for little money and without having to change TV, you can enjoy all the advantages that brings the world of Smart TV.

21 thoughts on “Calcular tamaño de TV”

  1. I want to buy a 55″ smart tv . how much height and width do I need to place it in a piece of furniture. Does anyone know. Thank you very much

    • Hello Joshua,

      In the case of a gym, we recommend that you buy several 50-inch televisions and distribute them in front of the cardio machines.

      That is the configuration we have seen in other gyms and the most suitable.


  2. I want to buy a 55″ smart tv . how much height and width do I need to place it in a piece of furniture. Does anyone know. Thank you very much

    • Hello Susana,

      The dimensions for a 55-inch Smart TV are about 122cm x 68.5cm. Add a couple of centimeters to the height and width for the edges of the TV and you will get an idea of what it will take up to place it on the furniture.


    • Hello Emilio,

      With the height you have no problem but with the width of the TV you spend a little of those 101cm. As long as the TV you buy has some frame, it will not fit in the hole.

      If the legs of the base come out of the back of the TV, you can place it on the edge and you would have no problem, but you will not be able to push it to the back of the cabinet because it will not fit. I looked at some Sony models to check and they are 117cm wide (with a generous rim).

      Best regards!

    • Hi Isa,

      With that gap, the TV that fits you is a 32-inch. You will have some space left over but a 40 inch TV will not fit.


  3. Hello, first of all thanks for the help regarding this issue. I would appreciate if you can clarify the following doubt.

    We have at home a 49″ Samsung LED 4K TV that we bought a few months ago with a bank promotion. Its use is for DTT (my father is the one who most consumes this type of content), to play PS3 and Xbox 360 and occasionally watch DVD movies (576p) and the occasional bluray (1080p) on the PS3. The average viewing distance between the TV and the sofa is a tight 2.50mts.

    Well, from what I have checked by the converter for the resolution that the PS3 and the Xbox 360 (720p) on average, the ideal size would be 44″, so, with 49″ would I be going too far? That is one of my doubts.

    The issue is that we have another TV model of a somewhat lower range, also a 43″ Samsung LED 4K. The question I have is whether it would be worth calling the installer and change the 49″ currently installed for the 43″, because of the DTT and HD Ready resolutions that would "sing" less with the 43″. Of course, we already had the 43″ and I have to say that although at first it seemed a considerable leap from the previous 32″ Samsung we had, a few days later I noticed that it was too small. My father is a bit of a manguiancho with these issues and does not give it too much importance, but I did notice the change of going from a 32″ to the 43″ and finally to the one we currently have of 49″.

    I have to say that the 49″ is not exaggeratedly large, it also works very well with sub HD resolutions, but I have read in several forums that for this size and the resolution of the content we consume we may be overdoing it with the 49″, since for this size of TV they advise a minimum of 3 to 3.30mts. Hence the doubt, although I also have to say that for example the Dvd's I see them surprisingly well in the PS3, I imagine it will be because of the rescaling of the console itself.

    Best regards and thanks in advance.

    • Hello Carlos,

      It is clear that with the 43-inch TV you will increase the pixel density per inch so, in principle, you should notice improvement in low quality content such as DTT.

      You do not mention the TV model you have but the panel and the image processing greatly influences the result. Being 4K panels, rescaling is applied and depending on how the TVs manage it, the result can be with greater or lesser degree of success.

      I would stick with the 49-inch TV. From what you tell, it's clear that you've already gotten used to its size and in a matter of a couple of years we'll have a lot more 4K content, even current consoles have already tentatively stuck their heads into those resolutions.

      If you are not going to renew the TV in a few years, stay with the 49-inch, knowing that you will lose a little bit of image quality for this increase in size, but once it is standardized, you will be grateful for it.

      If you also regularly consume YouTube or Netflix, you will see how that period is further reduced as they offer more and more content in UHD and that is where you will take advantage of those 49 inches.

      In short, we no longer need to be as strict about TV viewing distance as we were in the days of CRTs. From 43 inches to 49 inches there is a jump, but it is not as considerable as if we were talking about 40 inches to 55 inches.


  4. Hello for 3.10 meters a screen of 75 that such would go, or would be better a 65. I want the Sony KD75XF9005.
    To watch mostly hd channels and occasionally a movie in 4k.

    • Hi Jorge,

      The 75-inch TV fits you perfectly for that distance, albeit at the limit. If you're going to be watching a lot of HD content, a 65-inch might be better.


  5. Hello,
    I have to buy a TV, and I already want it to be 4K....
    The distance that I have is 3mts from wall to wall, to that you take out to put the TV to us 20cm of the wall and to sit down in the sofa to other 30cm of the wall, I calculate about 2,5mts of the head to the TV.
    What size do you recommend, 43 or 49?
    And, of course...any recommendation of T?
    Grasas dias!!!

  6. Please I need to know how many inches a 40" TV is in its box. I need to ship it by air. If it is larger than 62, please give me the same information for a 32" TV. Thank you

    • That will depend on the box and how you pack it. You can calculate the size of a 40-inch TV and add 5 extra centimeters on each side for the box + protections.

  7. Hello, I want to buy a 42 inch 4k tv because my first generation LCD tv has said enough. The viewing distance is 2.50 cm, is it too small? Thanks

    • Hello,

      The size of that TV is a little low for the distance you will be watching TV at but sufficient. If you found a good deal on that model, go ahead and buy it!

  8. Hello,

    I am considering the purchase of the 82″ LED TV - Samsung UE82RU8005UXXC.

    The distance between the wall (I want to hang the TV) and the sofa is about 380 cm. Do you think this is a good choice or should I go for a 75″ TV? I use the TV mostly to watch movies and series from Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

    Thank you very much and best regards!

    • Hello Pablo,

      That TV is huge, monstrous...but it's well suited for the distance at which you're going to watch it.

      The only problem I see is that being so big, the content that is not 4K you're going to see it regularly, especially the DTT channels that broadcast with a fairly mediocre quality that often does not even reach full hd.

      But if your main source of content is going to be Netflix and other streaming platforms, it's a good choice.

      Now I throw you a question, don't you prefer something smaller like an OLED C9 from LG in 65 inches? In price it will cost you more or less similar but the OLED for that content that you comment, goes very very well.


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