Calculate liters of a rectangular pool

The good weather is coming and you want to start using your pool? Surely you do, that's why we help you to calculate the liters of a rectangular pool in a simple and automatic way.

What do you want to know the liters of a pool? Mainly because a series of chemical products have to be applied to the water and it is necessary to know the proportion in which they have to be applied, therefore, we need to know the number of liters that our pool is able to accumulate, whether it is rectangular, oval or round.

How does the rectangular pool liter calculator work?

Liters of a rectangular poolIf you don't know how to use our tool to find out the liters or volume of a rectangular poolIf you are not sure how to use it, here are some brief instructions on how to use it. Simply fill in the following information:

  • WidthMeasure the width of your pool and enter the measurement in meters that you have obtained.
  • LongRepeat the previous process but with the length.
  • Deepest pointEnter the maximum depth of your pool.
  • Shallower pointWrite which is the point where there is less depth.

Now press the calculate button and that's it. number of liters that fit in your pool. Please note that this tool only takes into account square or rectangular designs. If you need to calculate the number of liters that fit in a round pool, we have another calculator for that purpose.

As you probably already know, with the dimensions of the pool what we are doing is calculating its volume, i.e., the number of cubic meters (m3) that fit inside. Subsequently, we convert cubic meters to liters what we really want.

Calculate liters of a round pool

Do you want to calculate the liters of a round pool? Here you can do it automatically thanks to our online calculator.

Just tell us the diameter of your round pool, its depth and that's it. Then click on the calculate button to obtain the volume in cubic meters of the circular pool and its equivalence in liters of water

How to calculate the liters of a round pool

For calculating the liters of water in a round or circular pool you just need to know these facts:

  • The diameter of the pool in meters
  • How much depth there is in the deepest and in the shallowest point.

With these data we can calculate the volume of water in liters and in cubic meters (m3) of the pool.

How to calculate the cubic meters of a round pool

You are probably wondering how we have calculated the liters that fit in a round pool. Well, the answer to this question is solved by applying the following mathematical formula:

Round pool volume = Diameter2 x Average depth x 0.78

The result will give us the quantity of cubic meters of water which is able to accommodate the round pool.

How to calculate the average depth of a pool

Average pool depth

If you do not know how to obtain the average depth of the circular poolHere we show you how to calculate this figure.

The only thing you have to do is to know the depth of the deepest point of the pool and the shallowest point. When you have it, you add the obtained values and divide by 2. In short, you have to apply this formula to calculate the average depth of a pool:

Average depth = (deepest point + shallowest point) / 2

Basically what we are doing is a arithmetic average.

Calculate cubic meters to liters

Working with cubic meters is very convenient when we have a large amount of liters as in the case of circular or round pools.

However, you may want to know the equivalence of m3 to litersso you will simply have to multiply by 1000. In other words:

Volume in liters = Volume in m3 x 1000

Calculate m2 of the round pool

If you want to calculate the surface area of the round poolyou can use our circle area calculator.

There you will be able to automatically obtain the square meters that your circular pool has. The calculation is obtained by the formula for the area of the circle and is equal to π times the radius squared.

Calculate oval pool volume

Calculating the liters of an oval pool is not easy if you do not know the formula to be applied, however, we have prepared for you a calculator to know the volume of pools with this oval shape.

All you have to do is enter in the tool the length of the pool, its maximum width, the depth at the deepest point and the depth at the shallowest point. All these units must be in meters so that when you press the calculate button you will get the correct amount of liters in your oval pool.

How do I calculate the volume of an oval pool?

Oval pool

Do you want to know how we are able to calculate the liters of an oval pool? Here we explain the formula to be used to get the volume:

Volume in m3 = maximum length x maximum width x average depth x 0.89

To calculate the average pool depth just add the depth at the deepest point and the depth at the shallowest point. The result of that sum you divide by 2 and you get the average depth. In other words:

Average depth = (depth at deepest point + depth at shallowest point) / 2

Remember that what we have calculated is the volume in cubic meters of the oval pool. If you want the result in liters instead of m3 just multiply it by 1,000.

For what purpose it is important to know the capacity of your pool.? There are several reasons:

  • Choosing the right water purification system and filters to use. These work with a maximum flow of cubic meters and it is essential that they can move the amount of water that our pool has. If we fall short in this aspect, the purifier will not be able to keep the water clean and the filter will not fulfill its function.
  • Maintenance of PH, chlorine and other aspects of waterWater: It is essential that the water meets a series of requirements so that our health is not at risk and for that we have to use products that maintain the levels of PH, chlorine and other components of the water at the appropriate levels for our skin and eyes.

How many liters is your oval pool? Leave us a comment to find out how big it is.

Buying a swimming pool or accessories for its maintenance

Taking advantage of this opportunity, you may be interested in to buy any pool or accessories to maintain it in optimal conditions. At this link you have a wide selection of products at the best price that will allow you to enjoy the water like never before.

We we advise you to make sure that you have nothing missing of what we show you below:

  • Cleaner: its name already makes it clear what it is used for, right?
  • Cover: this is a tarpaulin that covers the pool and prevents leaves, insects and other elements that only contribute dirt from falling into the water.
  • Thermometer: ideal to know the temperature and regulate it correctly.
  • Filters: cleanliness is very important, remember that.
  • Water treatment products.

Can you think of any others to add to the list?

How many liters does an Olympic pool have?

Swimming Pool Liters Calculator

An Olympic-size pool has a dimensions of 50 meters long and a width of at least 21 meters, although it is recommended that it have 25 meters so that there are 10 lanes of 2.5 meters each.

The depth of an Olympic pool is 2 meters. at a minimum.

Based on these data, we can calculate that an Olympic-size swimming pool has approximately 2,500,000 liters of water.. This amount can vary if the depth increases but they come to have that volume of about 2,500 m3.

How many liters of water does your pool hold?

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