Calculate ideal weight

Calculate ideal weight

Do you want to calculate ideal weight? Thanks to this calculator you will be able to know if you are missing a few kilos to be at your perfect weight or you need to lose weight and do sports to improve your health. Remember that being at your ideal weight will not only keep you well physically but will also help you feel good about yourself, which will significantly improve your quality of life. Calculate your ideal weight now.

What is my ideal weight? knowing this is more important than you think.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO) recommend that reach your ideal weight and most importantly, maintain it over time. We know that it is not an easy task but if you practice sports and have a balanced diet, you will certainly be able to achieve it and if you succeed, your health and well-being will benefit significantly.

Having a good bathroom scale will also help you to weigh yourself every day and keep track of your weight and body fat percentage to know if you are above or below your recommended value. In the link that we have left in this paragraph you will find some of the best models that will help you to weigh yourself every day.

Linked to the value of your ideal weight we also find the value of the BMIi.e., the Body Mass Index. Thanks to it you will be able to know if you are about to lose your ideal weight and, most importantly, to know how thin or overweight you are.

Taking care of oneself is not only worthwhile for aesthetic reasons, but in daily life, any activity we perform is much more satisfactory if we are in the best possible shape. adequate weight. 

How to calculate your ideal weight from a formula

Ideal weight calculator

Based on BMI

Many calculate the ideal weight of a person based on his or her BMIThe parameter we mentioned in the previous point, which is used to measure the body mass index of an individual.

From that value, you can calculate how much a person should weigh by applying the following formula mathematics:

Ideal weight = BMI x height2

Based on height and weight

Another way you can also use to find out your recommended weight is to use the data on your weight and measurements as follows:

  • Peso perfecto = (altura - 100) * 0,9 (para hombres)
  • Peso perfecto = (altura - 100) * 0,8 (para mujeres)

This is another method that many people use to calculate their weight.

If you are pregnant

In case you are pregnantyou can calculate the ideal weight in pregnancy through the link we have just left you.

In this case, the makes use of BMI and how long you have been pregnant to calculate what you should weigh and assess whether you are overweight, slim or within normal values.

Weight is not the most important thing

Don't be overwhelmed if you are over or under your ideal weight.. It is just one factor of many that help to assess your health status, but you can be slightly above or below the recommended values for your height and still be in excellent health.

If you combine this with the regular physical exerciseIf you have any doubts about your weight, you will not have any kind of problem, but as always, consult your doctor if you have any doubts about your weight.

Calculate overweight

For calculate overweight you simply have to subtract your ideal weight from your actual weight. That is, you would apply this mathematical formula:

Sobrepeso = Peso actual - Peso Ideal

The result of this operation will tell you the kilos you are over the optimum weight for your height. The closer the result is to zero, the closer you are to your ideal weight and the less overweight you are.

Remember that you don't have to be the right weightThe value of your blood glucose, i.e., you can be slightly above or below the recommended value and not be negative if you follow a healthy diet and practice sports regularly.