Calculate how much water you should drink per day

Calculate how much water you have to drink every day based on your body weight. Remember that being well hydrated is vital to feel good and provide the body with the amount of water it needs every day because as you know, doctors recommend drinking a large amount of this liquid that only brings benefits to our body.

The results provided by this calculator to find out the amount of water to drink per day does not take into account physical activity, so if you practice sports, the figure increases considerably.

If you practice any sport activity regularly, there is a more accurate formula that is based on the number of calories we have to provide to the body every day. For example, if we have to eat 2,000 Kcal worth of food per day, then we have to drink 2 liters of water per day.

Obviously, during the exercise it is necessary to to respond to the needs of our body and drink water whenever we need it, even before we feel thirsty.

How much water should I drink according to my weight?

Daily water calculator

Although experts recommend drinking at least two liters of water every day, the truth is that this answer is too generic and does not adjust to the individual needs of each person.

As we will see below, the human body is largely composed of water, so a large, corpulent person will not have the same needs as a small, thin person. That is why weight is one of the variables that are taken into account when calculating how much water you should drink according to your weight.

Below is an indicative table with the recommended amounts of water needed for hydration correctly according to weight.

Weight (Kg)Amount of water (liters)

How much water does the human body contain?

The human body is made up of 70% of water.. This means that a person weighing 72 kg is made up of 50.4 liters. Do you now understand why it is so important to hydrate and know how much water you need to drink daily?

If you are curious to know how many liters of water you have in your body, here you can calculate the 70%. Just enter your weight and you will find out.

To give you an idea, if your body becomes dehydrated and you lose a 10% of water, your life begins to be in danger. and if you dehydrate a 20%, the situation is considerably aggravated.

How much water should you drink per day to lose weight?

Liters of water I have to drink per day

Many people ask how much water to drink per day for weight loss but beware, water alone does not make you slim.

It has been demonstrated that water helps to enhance the benefits of diets and, in short, slimming is achieved more effectively, but water by itself does not make you slim.

What is true is that every time we drink water, a part of our stomach fills up and that makes less food fit in, so that the sensation of being full comes sooner and we stop eating. In other words, we contribute fewer calories to the body by drinking one or two glasses of water before each meal because we are satiated sooner.

It is also advisable to drink natural mineral water. If you drink tap water, it is strongly recommended that you buy a filtered pitcher to remove impurities coming through the city's piping system.

And very important: it is forbidden to fill your stomach with water in order not to eat. or you will have very serious health problems. Water should be drunk whenever you are thirsty and spaced throughout the day, it cannot be used as an exclusive weight loss tool.

Forget about losing weight fast with the secret of water because the only real secret is to eat healthy, practice sports and hydrate. according to our needs.

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  1. If you drink a liter of water, what is the approximate amount of water your body spends without doing any work, discounting the amount you urinate?

    • Hi Maria,

      What you are asking us is impossible to know because many variables such as the height of the person, age, metabolism, etc. influence.

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