Calculate body surface

Calculate body surface area is quite common in medicine or physiology. If you want to calculate the area occupied by your body or that of a family member, you can use our online calculator to get the result in square meters.

To obtain the body surface you only have to enter the height of the person in centimeters and his or her weight in kilograms. Once these fields are filled in, press the calculate button and you will get the area of the body.

How to calculate the body surface area?

To calculate the body surface area there are several mathematical formulas and as usual, there are slight differences between them, although in general terms, the result is quite similar in all of them. Below you will find the most common mathematical formulas to get the value of our ASC:

Du Bois & Du Bois formula:

Fórmula Du Bois & Du Bois para calcular la superficie corporal

Gehan and George's formula:

Gehan and George's formula for calculating the ASC

Mosteller's formula:

Mosteller's formula for BSA extraction

Boyd's formula:

Boyd's Formula

Unless you want to use one of the above formulas in particular, we will we recommend that you use Mosteller's as it is the simplest one. to calculate and to remember. As we have said before, the result we obtain with any of them is very similar.

You can also choose to use our body surface area calculator to instantly obtain the area of your body using several of the formulas shown here, being able to compare the difference between one and the other.

Remember that the result obtained in any of the formulas will be expressed in square metersi.e., m2.

If you receive chemotherapy treatmentHowever, this method usually requires adjustments in the dosage since these parameters do not reflect the real condition of the person's metabolism, so it will be necessary to increase or reduce it in each particular case.

Body surface in children

Body surface area calculator

In case you are going to obtain the body surface area in a child on the advice of your pediatrician, then the formula you should use is the Haycock formula below:

Haycock's formula in children

In the case of children, the value of their ASC is often used for calculating fluid and electrolyte intakeespecially if its weight is less than 10 kg.

As you can appreciate, the calculation of body surface area (ASC) is very important when it comes to administering some medications or to serve as an indicator of the muscle mass of our body.

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