Calculate BIC or SWIFT

Do you need calculate the BIC or SWIFT of a bank account? Use our tool to obtain the code of your bank from the IBAN or the CCC number.

If you have the bank account numberYou simply type it in the tool and press the calculate button.

If you have the IBAN, don't write the first 4 characters composed of the country code and the control code (ES69 for example). The remaining digits of the IBAN correspond to the traditional account number and are the ones you have to type in the BIC code calculator.

Main BIC codes in Spain

Below you have compiled some of the BIC codes of the main banking institutions in Spain:

  • SantanderBSCHESMMXXX
  • Sabadell: BSABESBBXXX
  • OpenbankOPENESMM

If you search for the code BIC of another bank from the bank's namein the list published by the Bank of Spain you can consult the registered participants in the T2 directory.

Differences between BIC and SWIFT

The SWIFT code stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

The BIC code stands for Bank Identifier Code.

In any case, both codes are the same even if they have different names so when you are asked for the BIC or SWIFT, you actually have to provide the same code.

SWIFT code format

BIC Code

The BIC or SWIFT code is comprised of a 8 to 11 digit combination which follow the following format:

  • The first 4 characters identify the bank
  • The next 2 characters identify the country code of the bank. In Spain we use ES.
  • The following 2 characters are the locality code
  • The last 3 characters are optional and refer to the office code.

Therefore, if we look at the Santander BIC code (BSCHESMMXXX) we can identify each one perfectly:

  • BSCH: entity code
  • ES: is the country code, which in this case is Spain.
  • MM: refers to the locality which in this case is Madrid. If we see BB it would be Barcelona.
  • XXX are the optional characters to identify the office.

Calculate SWIFT with IBAN

Calculate BIC

In case you want to calculate the BIC code as of IBANyou must delete the first 4 characters.

In other words, the IBAN is a sequence of 24 characters. The first 4 are formed by the country code and the control code, and the remaining 20 are those corresponding to the account number.

Therefore, for calculate SWIFT with IBAN in our tool you must delete those first 4 characters (ES14, for example).

Calculate the BIC with the bank account

If you have the number of bank account and you want to calculate the BICSimply type the sequence of digits in each corresponding box and press the calculate button to obtain the SWIFT.

It may be the case that the BIC code does not appear. after pressing the calculate button. This may be due to two cases:

  • The tool is not up to date and we have not incorporated in our database the entity for which you want to calculate the BIC. In this case, we would appreciate if you leave us a comment in which you write us the code of the entity to add it. In other words, we only need the first 4 digits, the rest of the bank account number is not needed to obtain the SWIFT.
  • The bank is not subscribed to the T2 directory. published by the Bank of Spain and published in the BOE.

If you have any questions, leave us a comment and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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