Calculate average speed in a car

Car journeys do not always go as expected. You've already calculated the distance between two points and you more or less know the time it will take you to arrive to your destination but unforeseen circumstances may arise.

If you experience a delay during your trip and you are curious about know at what average speed you have made your trip by car, with our online calculator you can easily find out. Just fill in the distance in kilometers of the route, the time you have taken from the starting point until you have reached the destination you wanted and click on the calculate button.

What is average speed?

The formula for velocity is space divided by time. If we speak of average velocity, we refer to the distance we have traveled between the total time it has taken us to make that journey.

When we travel by car, there are times when we go faster and times when we have to brake more. By calculating the average speed we are ignoring all these speed variations. since we make the calculation based on distance and total time.

Formula for calculating the average speed

Average speed by car

If you want to calculate the average speed manually, you only have to divide the distance traveled between time in hours you've taken.

That is, if you have traveled 112 kilometers in 1 hour and 20 minutes, the first thing we have to do is move to hours those 20 minutes (use the converter in the link above). In this way, we know that 20 minutes is equivalent to 0.33 hours. In total we will have a travel time of 1.33 hours since we add the 0.33 of the 20 minutes to the initial hour.

Finally, we make the division that we had proposed at the beginning:

112 kilometers / 1.33 hours = 84 Km/h

As you can see, it is very easy to calculate the average speed and this can be applied not only to the action of driving, we can also calculate the average when we are cycling, walking, running, whatever we can think of.

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