Calculate age

Do you want to calculate your exact age How many days are left until your birthday? Solve all your doubts with our age calculator.

Just enter your date of birth and click on the calculate button to know how old you are Have you ever wondered the age of a famous person? Find it out from the date they were born.

Calculate age in Excel

Do you want to know the age of a person from his or her date of birth in Excel? To find out, you have to prepare a spreadsheet in the Microsoft program and follow the instructions we have in the video.

For know the age of a person in Excelyou will need three cells:

  • In the first one, you will write the person's date of birth with a format dd/mm/yyyy
  • In the second cell, you will insert the day that is today. If you are going to use the spreadsheet frequently to know someone's years, you can use the TODAY() formula, a function that will automatically update the current day every time you open the spreadsheet.

Once you have already written the date of birth and the current date in the spreadsheet, let's proceed to calculate the age. To do this, select a third cell and type the following formula:


You will automatically get the age of a person as of date of birth.

Please note that:

  • C4 are the coordinates of the cell in which the current date is written.
  • C3 corresponds to the coordinates of the cell in which you have written the person's date of birth.

How long until my birthday?

Calculate age

We all like to have a birthday to a greater or lesser extent. Family and friends remember us on this day and we get a gift or two for it, to know the time remaining until our birthday can be very useful.

With our age calculator you will not only get the years you have lived but you will also know the number of days you have been alive, the hours or even the total minutes you have been breathing since your birth. Last but not least, you will know the coveted data of the days left to celebrate your next birthday.

If it is not long until your first birthday, from CalculadoraConversor we wish you many congratulations and, of course, many more years to come.

How to know the age of a famous person?

In the same way you can calculate your age, you can also do the same with a celebrity's age to find out how old you are. You just need to get their date of birth, a fact that you can easily find on the net in sites like Wikipedia, social networks, forums or any gossip magazine.

Get out of doubt and find out if your favorite celebrity is as young as they look in magazine photos.

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