Calculate 21 percent

Calculate the 21 percent VAT is quite common, something that can help us to know how much money we are spending on this tax or to know the discount we are going to get in commercial promotions such as the VAT-free day.

Thanks to our percentage calculator you will be able to know that 21 percent of the amount you want immediately. Just type in the amount, press the Calculate button and you will automatically know the value of your 21%. If you want to calculate any other percentage, please feel free to visit our percent calculator.

We would also like to take this opportunity to tell you about our VAT calculator with which you can calculate the different tax rates value-added tax currently in force.

How to calculate the 21 percent

If you need to calculate 21 percent of an amount, we just need to apply a rule of three The approach is as follows:

Formula for 21%

We still need to know what are the unknowns for which we do not yet have their value:

  • B: Is the number of which we want to find its 21%
  • Nos quedaría conocer el valor de 'Y' cuyo valor sería el 21 por ciento del número anterior.

Now we have to clear the value of the unknown that interests us, for which we do it in the following way:

Y = quantity x 21 / 100 = quantity x 0,21

The above can be summarized to mean that to calculate 21 percent of an amount, we simply have to multiply by 0.21 the figure but to make it clearer, we will now see how what we have just seen applies to a practical example.

Calculate 21 percent of 21

Calculate 21%

To get the 21% from the number 21, we will use the mathematical formula we have just seen in the previous point:

Y = quantity x 0.21 = 21 x 0.21 = 4.41

As you can see, it is very easy calculate 21 percent of any number con una simple multiplicación para la cual tendrás que recurrir a una calculadora salvo casos muy sencillos como las potencias de 10 (100, 1000,...).

How to extract 21 percent in Excel

If you need use Excel to calculate the 21% of a quantityThe formula you must type in the spreadsheet program included in the Microsoft Office suite is as follows:


Where cell you have to write the coordinates of the one in which the number is found of which you want to know the percentage.

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