Calculate 10 percent

Calculates the 10% of a number to know the discount applied in a discount or offer of a particular product. Also the reduced VAT applies this percentage on the products although in this case, it is not a rebate since this tax is added on the value of the item in question, something that we tell you in our VAT calculator.

Calculating the percentage of an amount can be very useful, so thanks to our percentage calculator, you will be able to take out 10 percent of the figure you want. Just type the number, click on the Calculate button and you will automatically know the value of your 10%. If you want to calculate any other percentage, do not hesitate to visit our percent calculator.

How to calculate 10 percent of an amount

For find out 10 percent of a number we only have to apply a simple rule of three:

Formula for calculating 10 percent of a number

In this case, the two unknowns of which we do not yet know the value are the following:

  • B: Number from which we want to calculate its 10%
  • We still need to know the value of 'Y', a number that will represent 10 percent of the initial number.

Applying the rule of three we can clear the value we are interested in as follows:

Y = quantity x 10 / 100 = quantity x 0.1

In short, to take 10 percent of something we have to multiply the number by 0.1. To make it clearer, we will now see how the above applies to a practical example.

Calculate 10 percent of 1000

Calculate 10 percent

To find the 10% of the number 1000, we will use the formula we have seen above:

Y = = = quantity x 0.1 = 1000 x 0.1 = 100

As you can see, it is very easy calculate 10 percent of any number with a simple multiplication. Remember that multiplying by 0.1 is the same as dividing by 10, that is, you have to move the decimal point one place to the left. Surely this trick will allow you to calculate the percentage from memory and without the need for calculators.

Calculate the 10 percent increase

So far we have seen how to calculate the 10% of an amount, but what if we want to calculate that percentage increase?

In that case all we have to do is to add to the initial amount its 10%. For example, let's calculate the 10 percent increase of 100:

10% increase = initial quantity x 0.1 + initial quantity = 100 x 0.1 + 100 = 110

Calculate 10 percent less

If what we want is to subtract from a quantity its 10%, in that case the formula we will have to use will be the following:

10% minus = initial quantity - initial quantity x 0.1

For example, if we want to subtract 10% from 500, it would look like this:

500 - 500 x 0,1 = 500 - 50 = 450

Calculate 10 percent in Excel

If you want to calculate the 10% of a cell using ExcelThe formula to be used is the one below:


Where we have written 'cell' you have to write the coordinates of the cell in which the number from which you want to calculate the 10 percent is located.

3 thoughts on “Calcular el 10 por ciento”

  1. Hi, I have a problem to solve. I would love it if you could help me.

    In terms of probability, is it equally likely to hit a number out of 10 knowing that I have an 80% probability; and to hit a number out of 100 knowing that I have the same probability (80%).
    Ex: I play a lottery number from 0 to 9 with an 80% probability of winning.
    And I also play 1 number from 00 to 99, with an 80 % probability.
    In which of the two options are you more likely to win?
    It looks the same, but reportedly there is a slight difference.
    Thank you very much

    • Hello,

      As the number of elements in a set increases, the probability of drawing a particular one decreases.

      For example, from 0 to 9, as there are 10 elements, the probabilities of drawing a specific one is 1/10 = 10%

      However, in the example from 00 to 99 there are 100 elements and the probabilities are 1/100 = 1%.

      As you can see, the difference is remarkable in one case and in the other. If in both cases you have a probability of 80%, you will have to calculate it on that 1% and 10% respectively.

      Here you have some more info about it:

      If you still have any doubts, let us know.


  2. A query. To add the VAT to a value you can multiply it by 1.21. To subtract it you divide by 1.21. Can this be done with all percentages?
    For example can 10% be subtracted from 670 by making 670 divided by 1.10?


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